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by Schneau
Unicellular is a comic about single celled organisms. It updates on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I hope you brought your microscope.
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10 Years Ago
Unicellular is a comic about single celled organisms. It updates on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I hope you brought your microscope.


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You still around, Schneau? I just saw me talking about this guest comic on Facebook all those years ago and wondered how you're doing.
y7Dxre w0w this is good
Haha: Sir or Madam.

She said boyfriend. That's why it's funny.
Lol, good stuff!
February 7th, 2010
I would SO buy that!
When you make puns, the fact that you put bad puns in a comic it's hilarious
of course, ninjas
Mitosis :D
October 26th, 2009
Uh? You just decide to post one on SmackJeeves for the fun of it?
btw, that was my first comment, and I know it was kind of late, but I only just discovered this webcomic.
Electric Stapler
I love a good call-back. It's the #1 reason why I watch Scrubs!
Hmm, not bad.
The Last Comic Here!
Hi fellows and fellas! This will be the last comic I upload here. For all subsequent updates, check out the new Unicellular website at . I hope to see you there!
New Site!
Hi cod and haddock! As we move to the new website, make sure you subscribe to the new RSS feed! You can find the new link on the new website, or if you're super lazy, right here:
Um...there are a lot of things that I don't understand in this comic.

For starters, what's a 'baseball'?
But what if you want to tell someone without talking to that someone? You can't just write your message on a brick and ask Superman to throw it, can you? Just to pay Superman would be ridiculous!
Of course!

How do we cure cancer? EXPLOSIONS
How do we stop global warming? EXPLOSIONS
How do we stop people on the internet being wrong? EXPLOSIONS
How do we reach absolute zero? EXPLOSIONS
How do we find out what's going on at Lost? EXPLOSIONS
How do we make things explode?
Is there anything better and more problem-solving than EXPLOSIONS?

Man, everything's much clearer now.
Forgive me for being immature, but I can't stop thinking that Herby is in a middle of phagocytosis.
They didn't wear CLOTHES? Those silly unicellular organism!
Hi people from Earth and people from the Moon! Today is An Exciting Day! As you may have noticed up top, Unicellular is moving to a new site! I decided to move to a new domain and get a host, and after many hours of writing html and css, have finished the move to !

I really appreciate SmackJeeves for hosting Unicellular for the past year, but it was really time to get my own site. So, come on over and check it out already!