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DJ's Sprite Shop & Showcase

by Jr DJ
If you couldn't tell from the title, this is just a little side thing where I show you any sprites I may have recolored/whatever. And, if you think I'm as good as I think I am, then you can toss me a PM requesting for a sprite/sprites, or post your request on the most recent post, and I'll try to make it/them. Disclaimer in the first comic.
Wanna use a sprite/sheet you see here? Cool! Read the news post.

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If you couldn't tell from the title, this is just a little side thing where I show you any sprites I may have recolored/whatever. And, if you think I'm as good as I think I am, then you can toss me a PM requesting for a sprite/sprites, or post your request on the most recent post, and I'll try to make it/them. Disclaimer in the first comic.
Wanna use a sprite/sheet you see here? Cool! Read the news post.

Currently Updates...

Accepting Requests? Not right now
Requests in progress: 0 (+1)


Recent Comments

September 23rd, 2018
Hello. It's been a while, hasn't it?
Despite what this upload implies, I'm sorry to say I'm not coming out of spriting retirement. I just made these one-offs as a way to keep my mind occupied. Figured I'd share them with the place I had my sprite roots most firmly planted. Though, from taking a look around, most of the people I've interacted a lot with have unfortunately left as well.
Shot in the dark, feel free to reach out to me on Tumblr if you're one of those people.

In regards to the sprites themselves, Lyn's one of my favorite Fire Emblem characters. And thanks to the Choose Your Legends poll that was run when Heroes first came out, I found I'm not in the minority with that opinion. (Though it was hardly surprising.) Luckily, Intelligent Systems seems to have picked up on this, and graced us with four alternate versions of Lyn: Bride, Brave, Love Abounds, and Legendary. I remade each of them in the style of the Game Boy Advance's FE7, where Lyn is originally from.
Bride and Love Abounds are based on Serra's Bishop sprite. I just widened it a bit to make it a dress rather than a robe. The present for Love Abounds is based on a gift box from Mother 3. I just shrunk it a bit.
Brave is based on a Nomad Trooper. Straightforward enough. The design of her bow, Mulagir, is silly, but I tried to keep its horn(?) intact.
Legendary draws from Lyn's own Blade Lord sprite. I used the prototype sprite of her wielding Durandal for the recoil from her aerial shot. There's a lot going on with her equipment with this one, (sword at her side, fur cloak, sash, quiver...) but I'm happy with how it turned out.
September 29th, 2010
September 13th, 2010
Still a work in progress
Ohai guiz. I maed Strike Man.

Most of the stuff here is entirely customed: the Rebound Striker, the body, the left shoulder. (which is the one thing I am most proud of o.o)
Only exceptions are the feet and hands, which are modified from:
Bass - Feet while jumping
16-bit Snake Man (by Auto from the Rockman Robot Centre) - Right Hand, Feet while standing
16-Bit Dive Man (edited by Auto) - Left hand

Really not a big fan of that...flap at the top of his head. No matter how long I look at it, it just looks like a beret and I can't figure out how to fix that. Oh, and of course, shading still needs quite a bit of work...

I plan to enter this in Bass Legends's Robot Tournament (once this is finished) along with the abomination that is Tilt Man. (after some touching up. Y'know, so he isn't an abomination)
February 16th, 2010
So, I got bored, and decided to go on a quest to prove that I actually cannot sprite for beans. Or, at least totally custom sprites. Ugh.

This was an idea I got in one of my classes when I was really bored. I got to thinking about random robot masters for a new Mega Man game, and basically all the robot names I've come up with before have been done already somewhere: Wing Man, Tank Man, etc. So, I just got in my head "pinball," and Tilt Man was born. The first drawing I have of him basically looks like Jewel Man, but with a bumper on his head, not unlike the one above. The main thing I'm not happy about is his right arm. Where the hell is it coming from? Certainly not his body. But by the time I realized this, I was already half-way through coloring him in.

Tilt Man's stage would be, obviously, based off a pinball machine. In the boss battle, Tilt Man jumps up to Mega Man and attempts to hit him with his flipper arms. If Mega Man is hit, he is sent flying towards a wall at a random angle. Every now and then, Tilt Man will pull and release the plunger on his chest to release his weapon, Bumper Ball, from his shoulders. The balls would act like Crystal Eye, except it wouldn't split into 3, and can be hit/shot to make it go in a different direction. Most of Mega Man's shots only bounce off the ball. But if he uses Tilt Man's weakness, (which I didn't come up with) he can hit the balls back at Tilt Man. When Mega Man is using it, he can fire up to three balls, which will bounce off walls and each other. Mega Man can also use his body, in addition to walls, to deflect the balls.

The fact that I had the time to come up with all that proves how boring that class was. Now if only I could custom the way I come up with this stuff.
January 3rd, 2010
This is a request I got back in early May from MasterJ.
But! I was able to finish it over the summer.
"But DJ!" You might be saying. "Isn't it January right now?"
Yes it is! But I just needed the OK to post this here from MasterJ. I'm sure he's been busy with other things, one of which probably was not worrying about some sprites, which is totally fine.
God, I'm such a tool for using that setup...
Edit: Turns out, by looking at his profile, MasterJ's using his old SJ account. Me = idiot.

Anyway... MasterJ asked me to add a red shirt and jeans to his originally naked character. The sheet also started out with most of the sprites having the standard Sonic red shoes. I also had to change those to the yellow shoes you see above. That's about it. Fun times.
Before I say anything, This design is not mine. This was originally a bead sprite by Doctor Octoroc. (Go to his site. It's pretty cool) All I did was translate each bead as a pixel. That's it.
(I guess in that sense, this is more of an advertisement on how awesome bead sprites can be...)

Rydia's my second favorite FF4 character, first being Edge (z0mg ninja iz t3h favrit hao cliche). I've never played King of Fighters, but when I saw this bead sprite, I was incredibly impressed. It made me want to remake it in pixel form. And, well, there ya go.
October 26th, 2009
So, I got bored and decided to post this fossil. Yes, is name is K. Night. =_=

I made this back when I first joined SmackJeeves. It was meant to be a cameo for the now-dead comic Dimensional Clash. Or at least dead on this site. It started out as mostly a sprite comic. Then it got scrapped and seemed to start over, totally hand-drawn. And then it stopped. A shame, too, since it seemed like a pretty good comic.

The cameo was supposed to be in MMZ style, which I never really worked with before. As such, it's probably nowhere near as good as someone who is skilled in the style. But despite that, I still hold onto this thing for some reason...
Last shop post for a while. (Not counting the finished request I have from MasterJ if I get the OK to post it here) Then it'll be time from comic posting. I hope.

Roll doesn't get enough battlefield time. (Disregard this comic) So why not give her some?
The design for this suit was not my idea. YouTube suggested this OAV for me. (Which I still need to watch) Anyway, if you decide to watch it now, you'll see Roll in something similar to the sprites here after the intro. To be honest, this is the whole reason I still need to watch it. I saw the armor she was in and thought, "THAT NEEDS TO BE MADE." So I tried it. I think I did okay, even if it's not exactly like it is in the OAV. The one of her looking up has no helmet because 1, I was too lazy to make the helmet at the appropriate angle, and 2, I don't think I'll need it. In fact (SPOILER...KINDA) this is perfect because the next arc I have for my comic involves Roll in battle. Soya.

Oh, and Bob & George archiving for the win.
Your show case makes me snicker.
Good work.
June 29th, 2009
Eternity part 2
Something a little different. As you can probably see, there's a half-assed watermark on the sheet today. Shadow asked me to put it there if I wanted it in the showcase since he's dealing with a bit of sprite theft. (Incidentally, read the news post here for my policy regarding that.)
Lord knows if you can read the watermark, but it says the following:
Yoko the Yoshi
Character design by Shadow the Unborn
Sprites edited by Jr DJ
Base Yoshi Sprites ripped by Someguy

So yeah, this is the second request I had from last August. And I didn't even finish it. There were a couple other sprites on the sheet that were a bit too challenging for me to handle. It was mainly the hair and the sleeves that wouldn't cooperate with them... Though I can't really blame Yoshi for being anatomically incorrect (for a fictional dinosaur rather than a human), I still wish he didn't make it difficult.

Speaking of which, as you might be able to see, StU asked me to add to Yoshi: blue hair with pigtails, a baggy-sleeved shirt, black steel-toed boots, and a breast. Or, for a less wordy description, to look like this minus the skirt. Yes, it's a girl, if not distinguished by the name.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out. But, as I said, I couldn't finish it. And given the amount of time I made Shadow wait, I consider that a massive failure...
Sorry, Shadow. I'll try to do better next time. >.<

Side note:
I won't be taking requests for a while. I still have one from MasterJ from last month I need to get on, as well as attempts to finish whatever sprites I skipped over on Yoko. But the main reason is that I'd like to get my comic back on a semi-regular schedule. I've been away from it for too long...
My God, what a long comment...
Seems simple enough. I'll see what I can do after I finish that other request I have on me.

Can do. Incidentally, how do you want me to take care of the tail? Cover it with the shirt, cover it with the skirt, or not cover it at all?
Don't forget to make the hair blue...
hey could you finish these off and add baggy blue pants and a red long sleeve shirt?
Oh, hey, I finished a request...that was sent to me about 9 months ago. Arglbargl.

This one's another request by An Unoriginal Comic, which is very similar to hi s older request. He asked me to lengthen the character's hair, make it blonde, make the shirt black, the pants gray, the shoes white, and the gloves red. A bit more monochromatic than the other character, but I'm still satisfied with the result.

Hopefully AUC is as satisfied as I am. Thanks for the request, and sorry it took so long.

And now, time to do one more request from an eternity ago to fulfill.
December 15th, 2008
I love yoshie, such a freakish little... Whatever he is. Like your sprites!
Yeah your confused face looks simular to the happy face, but if you think *confused* than it looks great, haha.
December 15th, 2008
More Protoman! *LOL* Cool beans, man.
Another Adeline request from Shadow. This one, I'll admit, was a bit trickier than the last.

Shadow showed me some custom Roll sprites, and asked if I could use the same Adeline sprites from his previous request to match the poses of the Roll sprites. The first one is the only one I have any real gripes about. Mainly because of the beret. Eh...

He also asked if I could make some stand-alone facial expressions; happy, angry/mad, confused, and sad. The confused face doesn't really look confused, though. I meant for it to seem like she was raising an eyebrow. Though you can barely notice any changes to her regular face...

Eh. 'Twas fun. Thanks for the request, Shadow!

Edit (3/16/10)
Aw, crap...I'm an idiot... If you didn't get a chance to see this, sorry... :/
Sweet. Meta's going through some downtime for the storyline, so it might be used with the other fillers.

I'm not the one who made these sprites/established their style. The original sheet is here:
But I can give it a shot at least.