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Chaos Reigns

Ten years have passed since the war with Cinos and with the triumphant return of Sonic, peace is had once more. Atril and the Gathering have pretty much returned to life as usual and the tactician and former enemy Lilliana joins back with the Outsiders.

But peace is never a certainty and the leader of the Outsiders feels a coming of something that will break that peace. Once again our heroes must discover what it is to fight for what you believe in.

Chaos Reigns is inspired by "Normalcy is for Wimps".
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3 Years Ago
Ten years have passed since the war with Cinos and with the triumphant return of Sonic, peace is had once more. Atril and the Gathering have pretty much returned to life as usual and the tactician and former enemy Lilliana joins back with the Outsiders.

But peace is never a certainty and the leader of the Outsiders feels a coming of something that will break that peace. Once again our heroes must discover what it is to fight for what you believe in.

Chaos Reigns is inspired by "Normalcy is for Wimps".

Recent Comments

Good to see there's already people who want to at least preserve it, and one who actually wants to continue it. Otherwise, I would've had to offer my services, and with my excrutiating lack in drive that's already killed my own projects, rapidly decreasing interest in anything Sonic, and reluctancy to touch upon another person's project - especially one as marvelous as this - it would've just been in a vacuum jar on a shelf.

Here's to hope we can all see it carry on.
September 14th, 2016
As the previous co-author, i would definitely keep it up on SJ, but just like you I know i wouldn't continue to update it. So to preserve it I could hold on to it, but if somebody else is willing to continue it, It would be better to choose that individual.

Like Ultimate said about his comics, most of my contribution to this one was in helping with the framework of the script, not in making the actual comic.

hell, if someone does take over with the intent to continue, i may* help them in a similar fashion if they'd like.

*may being anywhere from a 17.38 to 81.96% chance determined randomly.
@Eternalstorm Blade:

Dude, most of those comics are what I have co-authors for and I mostly act as script writer.
And most of my work even still is inspired by this comic.
September 14th, 2016
I actually wouldn't mind seeing Ultimate continuing Chaos Reigns. I already enjoy the rest of his comics, I'm sure he'd do this one justice.
Ultimate don't you have enough comics to work already?

I'm sorta tempted to pick it up but I have something else down the pipeline that I want to get going first and get into the groove.

pick me!
Okay, so first off, you may notice that this comic is not yet gone and neither am I. We'll get to that.

But first, a quick update on my new YouTube channel. IT'S UP AND RUNNING IN FULL!!!

And boy, has it been fun thus far! Lots of trials and tribulations, learning and growing, and crap that I've had to deal with...most notably the troubles I've had with editing my videos. I won't bore you with the details, but we'll just say that they took WAY longer than they should have. Hopefully that doesn't stay the constant and my expertise over it will grow, thus allowing for quicker editing.

Now, on to why I'm still here...

A revelation dawned on me early Monday, one that I haven't had much time to address until just now. That revelation was "What if someone else picked up CR? The sprites, comic history, and story are all's possible for someone else to literally pick up where I left off." At the very least, it would be an avenue for Chaos Reigns to continue existing here on SJ while I move on to other ambitions.

So that's what I'm still doing here. Nostalgia, as it where, kept me from leaving in earnest. At least while some hope of this comic somehow lasting on without me exists.

In short, here's the plan I have; stay here on SJ until I can find someone willing to pick up the author rights from me for Chaos Reigns.

All I ask is it be someone who will continue it's existence. A person who would work on it and update it is a bonus, but even someone who dearly loves it and wants to see it stay here on SJ would suit my vision fine.

To those wanting to continue it, I can offer all I have concerning story and script (a few word documents and such that can help fill in a few blanks) as well as the occasional advisory role. But I don't want a "co-author"...I want someone to pass the reigns over to, as it were (punny, right?).

So, if you're interested, let me know! After some time, I'll decide the fate of CR truly and, with luck, we can see it continue on!

-Flantics out
After a lot of work, and a lot of determination, things are starting to culminate into what I want them to be.

It starts with this:

The above link is a link to a specific Dropbox folder. Within this folder are various .zip folders. Included in them are all of my personal sprites, non-original sprites that I have edited or used regularly, and various archives of the more popular comics I've done over the years. Including Chaos Reigns.

But there's more. In the Chaos Reigns folder you will find a few Easter Eggs, as it were. First, I premade a few future chapter covers. Those are included. Second, I had a bit of a backlog of unposted Atril's Files; including two that are total spoilers to future chapters.

Speaking of the chapters in CR, I also added my chapter map to the folder. This map was my way of chronicling the future events in CR. While it was changed a few times since it's conception (which was around the second chapter) it remains the outline I used up to this point to guide the story you guys read.

Lastly, if you guys are interested in viewing my new content, my first YouTube video is officially live! You can find it here:

I would greatly appreciate a sub. My channel will mostly be gaming (especially at first, since I have no webcam), but will eventually have other content that suits my fancy. I'm not looking to "fit a stereotype" or "play to the crowd" as it were. I'm not in this for the views. I'm doing it because I want to share with you the things I love to do. The money is simply an avenue for me to do it MORE OFTEN.

Remember, this time next week Chaos Reigns, indeed my entire profile here, will be deleted and removed. Share this with anyone you think would be interested in saving those files! And don't hesitate to let me know that something isn't working! I want to make sure that these files get passed on to those who truly wish to keep them alive!

Thank you all, again, for your past viewership. For that matter, any of you who continue to view me on YouTube, thank you even more. You've all been lovely and have made this a trip worth taking.

-Flantics out
I believe I am one of your contacts on skype. I'll message you right now.

To say that I didn't expect a lot of people to want the comic archive would be a lie, but...well, it seems the demand for it (like some of you have mentioned) seems to dictate the need of a sort of "drop box" for it. But, for the sake of...nostalgia...I'm not just going to post CR's archive there. I'm going to post the archive of every comic I've ever done, copies of all the sprite sheets I personally own (no "cameo" sprites, though...they aren't mine to give), and a few bits and baubles as well.

All this to show how truly grateful I am to all of you for sticking with me despite the hiatus. I...didn't realize I helped inspire as many as I did in this community. But it warms me to know that I have.

For that, I welcome anyone who wishes to look me up on Skype. I've not been as active lately (in fact, only yesterday was I finally able to download Skype to my new computer without it crashing the thing), but I will try to be more. still hard to say goodbye to this part of my life. And, maybe, it isn't the "wisest" of decisions. But the need for change on a massive scale can no longer be ignored. For me, personally, this is the most effective way to go about it.

Keep an eye out for another comment by me in the next day or so. I'm going to work on putting those files I mentioned in an accessible place.

Thanks again for all your guy's support and well wishes. It means a lot. Look me up on Skype. I'll try to keep my eye out.

-Flantics out
when did i favorite this comic i don't remeber it
August 31st, 2016
While I disagree with the need to eradicate the past in order to make way for a different future, it is your choice none the less. I did always look forward to some of the stories we worked on to come to fruition as unlikely as they were with life getting in the way. (hell, this is the first comment i made in 4 years and i cant even remember when i last worked on my own comic)

I am sorry to see you leave and will most likely observe your Youtube channel once it comes.

I would recommend uploading a a zip of your works on something like and place a link here and/or your deviantart to simplify the work for you. (if you prefer to send the works directly i would like a copy myself)
like a few others have said...gonna miss not just the comic, but this "face" of flantics, but i sure as hell will go to your youtube...and find out what its gonna this and normalcy is for wimps weren't just inspirations for me...these two were the comics that got me going at all, reading the witty dialouge, watching the well done action sequences, the sprites..its what got me to make comics myself, and i really need to try again to do go back and make more..but just know you did help a bunch of us get our start wheter you relize it or not...and as for the folders for the comic...would love to see it, to be able to relive what got me started at all, though i think there are gonna be alot who ask ^^:
Aww, man. This comic really is one of my all time favorites of this site, and brings back a lot of memories of, well, I'd say better times but I think simpler times work a lot more.
Thanks for all the good times and great stories. I'd love to have that file, I'd be lying if I said I've only read through the archive once or twice since the hiatus began.
That about sums up my reaction to this. How I personally feel about this decision is irrelevant; but I understand the reasons behind it.

That said, I couldn't stand never being able to look back at this comic, one of my favourite webcomics of all time. I'd like very much to have that folder. I'm pretty sure everybody would. Pretty sure anybody would. To a point where creating a dropbox for it might be more convenient maybe? I dunno.

Anyways, Godspeed, man. I'll be sure to check out that YouTube channel.

I was afraid of this... this comic was and still is one of my main inspirations.
You have no clue how much it influenced my work.

I would definitely like those files you mentioned so I can always look back at this comic.

Also, quite a long time ago, you let me use some sprites of yours (the sheets you use for Shadow and Max). I've since lost 'em but they were pretty useful to me back then. Could I have 'em again?

Today marks an important moment in my internet life. To start, Chaos Reigns is officially going to be concluded. No more hiatus, no more keeping your hopes up, no more fooling myself into thinking I’m going to give this comic a proper ending.

It’s been a long time coming. But it was bound to happen. I’d rather end it this way, telling you guys for sure that it’s done, than allow it to fade into an unsure oblivion.

But, with every beginning comes a new end; a cliché that would make the man who inspired this comic, Rentorian, quite proud.

I am going to be starting to form a new face on the internet. With my exit from SmackJeeves (and soon, Drunk Duck as well) I will enter into the life of YouTube. I’ve begun working on a YouTube cannel and will be making that my main focus for my foreseeable future. With that, though, comes…sacrifice.

Two weeks from today, I will be taking down and deleting my account here and at Drunk Duck. I will be doing a similar thing to my DeviantArt page, though not quite as fully (the removal of all my previous content is as far as I will go there). This is, in large part, the beginning of my “rebranding” as it were. A way to have a fresh start on YouTube and have you guys get to know me in a different way.

The primary reason why I will be keeping this profile up for two weeks is because my YouTube channel will be going live in about one week. This gives you guys a chance to say goodbye to this face of Flantics and hello to the new “face”.

This also gives everyone a chance to scoop up the next thing I have to offer.

My comics.

That’s right, for the next two weeks I will send EVERYTHING I have on this comic, or any of my previous comics, via a zipped folder. In this folder will be all of the comics, all of the submissions for any of the celebrations, AND (in the case of Chaos Reigns) the chapter map showing just what would have happened in the story if I ever did finish it.

A way to keep the comic alive while still giving an, albeit unfulfilling, ending.

To all my fans of my work, to all those who just got started, to all those who stuck with me from the start…thank you. This comic meant a lot to me. To say goodbye, once and for all, took a lot of thought. But it’s time I moved on. It’s time I tried to make a living out of my internet face, not allow it to remain a hobby. It’s all I have left.

Feel free to PM me, I’ll be active here for another two weeks. I’ll listen to anything you have to say, from comments to requests for the comic archive.

I look forward to seeing some familiar faces over on YouTube, if you’ll grace me with your viewership.

So, one last time…

-Flantics over, and out
I've waited this long for the comic, I can wait a few years more. Trust me, I get how much of a pain choosing life over your story is. But until then, I wish you luck with college.
Well, this happened. All the luck to you, Flantics. And that offer to collaborate on CR still stands.
I will be waiting and willing to partner up when you return. Good luck man college can be a bitch I know the feeling