MYth is a collection of original short stories inspired by the classic Greek mythology. (follow panels RIGHT to LEFT)

[x]My Seasons: (2007-2008) Story of Hades and Persephone
[x] Eternal Gift: (2009-2010) Story of Poseidon and his queen.
[x] A Promise: (2010-2013) Story before the Olympians.
[x] Will (2014): Story of Hera's decision.
[x] Distillation (2014) Birth of Athena
[+] Inflammation (2014-ongoing) From a delicate little spark, the strongest flame arises...
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MYth (c) Zelda C. Wang


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Hephaestus was so malnourished, Hera, what did you do?!?
The toss...
Well, she didn't throw him as a baby, but it's still horrible!
Tears of sorrow, I so want to cuddle that poor boy, and give him all the love he wants and needs.
Zeus and Hera open discussion
Hera's reaction when she hears how Thetis raised Hephaestus, and broke his leg. But Zeus, he doesn't realize, that Hera can't speak in the chair.

And Zeus, he's kinda sweet with the whole 'with my mind clear, I always come to you.' It's almost enough to make you forget he cheats, I might be years apart the indiscretions. But their still indiscretions, and Hera has to remember them.

Come on, Zeus acts like it's a curse, a madness his philandering, I know we'd have less gods if he didn't cheat. But how do we know that? Him and Hera could've had millions of kids, but I'm trailing off.
Yeah, as if we believe you, Zeus. =))))
Apart from the times when he turns into an eagle and goes after random women :D
@Frogsnack: LOL
Hera is so stubborn, she can't please Zeus for help. =))

And Zeus, why are you so cute all of sudden??
It'd started reading this once before, but lost it. Now that I have completely caught up, I would like to say that your artwork is beautiful, I very much adore the forms each of these beings has taken under your hand, and I absolutely love how you've told these stories. I love Greek myth. I spent the last couple of days sobbing. Ah... <3
@Perstephanie: So you can't blame him for hating Hades....
@Lavender Okamari: Well so you can't force Zeus to forgive him? Your problem...
Poor Hades?
What? Poor Hades?
Zeus is the one who was abused and first lost his loved one, while Hades was the favorite one and you say "Poor Hades!?"
Bob!! Percy Jackson anyone??
March 13th, 2017
I am a strong believer that Zeus is one of those fathers who spoil their daughters very much. But maybe not right now Hebe.
When I see Eris I think about young Hades.
Hebe is a sweet girl, not like her brother Ares. XD Why Zeus can't spend time to play with her?? Poor kid.
YEAH! It's my favorite of the Greek deities! I hope we see more of Eris in the future.
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Damnit he's still so gorgeous.