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Rain of Flowers

- an original graphic novel by Zelda C. Wang. [PLEASE FOLLOW PANELS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT]


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January 25th, 2019
Reyn and Flora turned....17 this year. Σ(⊙▽⊙") (I made them back in 2002)
I’ll get to you guys after this MYth project I promise ( TДT)
February 18th, 2018
The latest one XD
*I forgot to post this on January 25th.... Orz

Happy 16th anniversary to my dearest Flora and Reyn~ <3 (my oc from my project Rain of Flowers)

*I changed Rēn’s spelling to Reyn because that ē is such a bother to type and he ended up being Ren a lot and that’s not right Orz. Rēn is Old English for rain. I guess back in 2002 I thought it was cool to have a name with accent mark in it…eh…not anymore and it’s been bothering me for quite a while XD. So, instead of Old English, I’ll go with Middle English rain (reyn) from now on =u=lll
February 18th, 2018
I forgot this one as well Orz llll
February 18th, 2018
I'm so sorry I forgot to post this one here OuOlllll
I made this for Ren and Flora's birthday in 2016.
January 26th, 2015
Aww. Thank you for the pretty picture!
January 26th, 2015
Ah ;w ; I miss this story. Ren and Flora are so pretty.
January 26th, 2015
another year....
unfortunately, now it's one year one picture for my Ren and Flora....QuQ
The principle isn't to artificially turn out to be effective, edabfdkdeeed
@Guest Right?
@QuietGrace: What a wonderful thought (sarcasm) XD
I think Apollo (from MYth) would really like Ren XD
And then he got tackled by a weird creepy monster thing and was never heard from again.
Ah man, I was totally gonna call that last page!
Watch the deer be some kind of evil shape shifter thingy that attacks them while they're laughing >_>
Hmmm... Man dressed in black doesn't /exactly/ seem like a party guy... SUSPICIOUS!
January 27th, 2014
follow my tumblr for art/ sketch/ work-in-progress
Aw it's so pretty. I love your art
2014 birthday art, in progress
(another year passed...TwT )

I still can't work on this title.
several other works piled up on me...Orz
but I'll get back to R.O.F when I can give it my full effort so it won't be rushed.

for now, read all my other manga titles here: nga
where is chapter 2!!!!!111
C'mon, update already.