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This is a humorous comic series that which depicts the awkward adventures of our two favorite Space Pirates and their buddies that they meet along their journey.

The first one and a half takes place on a game in Ridley's Crocomire Advance, and soon after that, the two find theirselves on a journey to end the reign of one of their own minions.

Along the way, Ridley and Kraid get shoved off the Mothership forcibly, and have to build a base under the surface of a barren planet to survive.

IMPORTANT: This comic has been rated PG-13 for constant rude humor, moderate (sometimes strong) swearing, mild/vague sexual references, direct alcoholic references, violence (usually associated with slapstick humor, and often non-bloodied violence), and very few moments of unrealistic depictions of blood and gore.

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the kkk?
Might wanna look that one over
Yep. King Durdurdurr's back.

Also, KKK is what Durdurdurr calls Kraid. What it stands for will be later revealed. :)
Did you honestly think I forgot about this comic? This comic was what started my comic-making, it seems I can present and execute things better in this comic than in Buttshot. Dunno why. Oh, and decent humor seems to be more abundant, much more abundant than if I were actually trying to convey a plot. :P
For those who don't know...
This is a recreation of the first comic I've ever made (which is ARK I).
July 8th, 2009

nuff' said
A few major upgrades...
New things about this comic:

- It's a single strip
- Text bubbles are easier to identify who is talking
- And much more

Also, the 'f' word was used three times uncensored in this comic strip. It is still PG-13, however, as the 'f' word must be used five times or more before I'd have to label the comic with "mature content".

Trust me. I've brushed up on the MPAA standards.
September 26th, 2008
You're zetta slow!
July 23rd, 2008
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Awesome web comic. The only bad thing I could even think of isn't even your fault.
Oh, and check your PMs, I need help with something on Smackjeeves.
July 22nd, 2008
I like the background that Bowser is on...
July 22nd, 2008

I have some suggestions for you to make this comic a little more reader friendly. Keep an eye on your PM's from me.
July 22nd, 2008
This should have almost been two seperate pages...
July 22nd, 2008
hmmm... so it was an arc of ARK. Sorry... puns
July 22nd, 2008
"What's the meaning of life?"
42 metroids

Nice comic
Nice comic so far! NOW FINISH IT. >:3