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A(nother) yuri collab.

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I just love her dress! Do want! *3*
I luff the colorin on this! <3
Hmm, I see I am the only Yaoi hater here! D;
... *Steals her dress* MINE NOW
and Yaoi is awesome tooo
*is also a Yaoi and Yuri fan*
So yeah
I got lazy but hey XD
I HAS MAH SCANNER *happy girl*
Emerald in a dress
it kinda looks uber sketchy.. the reason for that is because I couldn't be bothered inking it ^^; sorry
hope you don't mind TT-TT
fancy-pantsy indeed.
homg I love may's expression.
she is too cutie-ful in a dress. :'D

yay for yaoi! Haha.
Srry for not being active D:
Well, I have no real excuse '_'...I feel bad. But i was in Florida for about a week and stuck in my condo for another (no tablet or scanner).

I tried cell shading in this picture, but I think I failed. This is for the theme (a.k.a. fancy-pansty). Well I think it's fancy >_<.

Her dress comes from another character I made found here:
don't look at my account there though. There is yaoi (srry I'm a yaoi and yuri fan D: )
XD I havn't been able to update AT ALL recently X_X I've felt so bad about it
so I thought I might as well try and update using my camera XD WOO
I felt awful at not updating TT-TT

and thanks for saying she looks cute Elevator XD I thought she looked awful ^^;
Hooray :P
someone updated!
(sorry i hadnt updated in a while either, ive been in Virginia).

Emerald looks cute by the way :)
Just to prove I am working on stuff!
so yeah...
I can't get to my scanner (urghhhh annoying ¬_¬)
but yeah
I thought with this suits and stuff business that I'd put Emerald in a dress, its not finished and I will scan the proper version in when I'm done.
Aw this is really well done. I love the coloring as well. ^_^
too cute ^^
*doodles reply to this*
Suit and tie~ Suit and tie~
I was really excited for this one X3

Hahaha, I went out of hand with the roses... But it was on purpose, fo' real! XD

This'll probably be the last thing that I'll be able to post for a good month since my family's going on a cross-country trip. But if I manage to get internet connection I'll post something!

(Poor Sofie, she's so incompetent <3)
@Appletree: thanks ^^ I'm finally back home which is nice ^^

@xXcorruptedXmindXx: it went very well ^^ apart from them finding out I don't get on well with morphene ^^; that made me very ill

@Krixten: thank-you so much *hugs* I'm home which means I should be back to normal soon ^^
July 20th, 2008
Good luck, get well soon ;A;
I hope it goes well and you recover quickly and without a slip up.
July 17th, 2008
HOW CUTE!!! ^^
so yeah
I have to go to hospital for two opperations in.. an hour and a half X_x I'm really scared
see you all when I get back
Take care of Emmerald for me *hugs*
this page is so pretty! I love the colors.
absoloutly GORGEOUS

everyone looks so awesome!!
I love the way that May is going to kiss Junes hand ^^
Emerald as a guy.. well... acting as a guy XD LOL XD nah she'd deffinatly do that, especially to get a girl XD
absolutly awesome work :D