Jet Set Radio Rush


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Keiko better get outta of there! If that girl is smart, she's go back to the GGs for help and take down Haruko!
May 17th, 2017
@seb: Thank you! :)
i just never notice this exist until now and it's so fucking great, you do a great job, keep going!
Keiko shouldn't kiss up to Haruko! She's clearly not a good person!
May 11th, 2017
@Hellermerc: no, I suck at landscapes. So I manipulated a photo.
Uh a little help?
Did you do that city landscape on your own? I'm talking about #35 Page 33? If so could we talk on how you did that?
Nice Job
Great job so far! Keep up the great work.
May 2nd, 2017
@Huntik13: Hehe yeah, 9 years since I last updated xD Thank you! <3
Glad someone from back then is still reading :D
WHOA! 0o0 How many years since it's since last check this comic out?! I though for sure this was discontinue a long time ago!

I', so happy to see that's not the case! I really miss this! I can see your art style has really improve too! =^-^=
April 28th, 2017
@aeonmatty: Thank you!
I hope to update soon (I'm moving out atm)
Great Job
Love the book, will keep reading.
April 8th, 2017
JSRR is back!
I'm thinking about continuing this comic :3
Anyone still here? xD
that is an epic jump
Thank you. i waited and waited
May 13th, 2010
I was thinking about this game the other day and how I really want to play it again :P
May 13th, 2010
Yeah it's still alive xD
preparing next page now~
Gum:Move your ass!
this comic is soo awsome!
i wonder when you are making more.......... -.- @-@ :D ;D XD
the comemnts were funny. lol ;D
Please make more
i just read them today but i thought there would be more? I already beat the game but i have wondering if Jsrf will continue...