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My thoughts... In comic form! Cynicism, sardonisism and plane hatred of the world... Made funny!


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@Player Z: Haha, I kind of forgot this thing ever even existed. Reading through it now kind of makes me cringe :P
It's funny because this whole comic is just moaning and doggin' about stupid you're a hypocrite rob
2 things
1 lulzy comic is awesome, instafafed
2 @ masterweaver why in the hell are there 6 yearolds on SJ?
Now that is a good invention!
Humour? aabattery, how shallow-minded of you. Humour was never the intention.
If you are looking to be amused you are reading the wrong comic.
Excuse me, but I know for a fact that there are SIX YEAR OLDS wanderinng around smackjeeves. Please, restrain yourself, or set this as mature.
I did.
I'm an Atheist,'s just that your humor and art are abysmal. The comic is downright repulsive.
he didn't tell Jesus to shut the fuck up. he told everyone that was going on about the end of the world to shut the fuck up. Jesus was just an exclamation sort of like "For the Love of God!" type thing.
XD Oh, yes, we all should start runnin' round in circles like chickens with our heads cut off just cause of some weird date. O_o You should check out what Hell, Michigan (and yes, I'm serious about the place's name) is doing. Yeesh!
don't tell Jesus, he who died for your sins to shut the fuck up!


True, so true.
SO faving this comic. It's so true to life, and you don't even have to do much to it. I kinda agree with timidme, though. I kinda care a bit too much about what other people think, therefore have nothing to live for other than other people. But you know what? I like that.
that is so wrong, but so funny. :)
i'm Catholic and i don't have a problem with it.
Fuck u too rob
i must remember to take lots of pics of u at the 48, after i rub ur belly
what if you cared about everyone and got streatched so thin that now you just don't care anymore because no one ever cared about you?
what the fuck did i just type?
he loves his sister
Someone voted a 1 on this one :( why? o.O Christian! Weren't you! I bet you were!
there are some strange people, come on breasts???, fav'd, brill keep up the good work o and,... *cough* 3 MEN, 1 HOUSE *cough*