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Stone for skin,
Cold and gray.
A wretched curse on
this noble prince.


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October 28th, 2009
January 13th, 2009
That. Is. Awesome.
That's how a cover should look like. Very interesting

EDIT: Waitasecond, is his sword's blade upside down?
January 10th, 2009
I LOVE THE COLORING!!! This page is so beautiful!!!
January 8th, 2009
January 6th, 2009
WOOT! F-yeah!
July 1st, 2008
I'm truly sadden that Michael Turner, 37, has passed on losing his fight against cancer.

For the uninitiated, he co-created Witchblade and drove the artistic standard, created Fathom, Ekos and Soulfire subsequently. His passing at such a young age is truly a loss to the industry.

In more ways than one, his works has been a great inspiration in the artistic direction that Graestone has taken, and will continue to do so. I urge everyone to check out his beautiful works and be awed and inspired as well.
Awesome! I love how you colour stuff X3
...Things to Come 2
Not a continuity but a filler of sorts.

I did a series of head shots of the villains in this tale, and titled them 'Faces of Evil'. This first one here is one of the main antagonist affectionately called the Horned Witch. I figured we can always do with more horny chicks yah?!?

I'm using this as my desktop wallpaper and it looks wicked!
Dammmnnn!!! You could easily get published. Maybe even MARVEL or DC!

I'm loving the comic so far, and will continue to rapidly press the "Next" button until you grace us with another beautiful page.
Comic Con...
smeagol92055 - Much as I'd like to be at the Comic-Con, it's a wee bit too far to travel to...ah, plus I'm really no pro, just another aspiring fanboy trying to break into the industry hoping Graestone gets published someday....
Aww he's really cute <3
O.o *takes out some popcorn* This comic is awesome so far!
SicPuess - Yup, I've got up to a number of pages done, and it's a strategy for a purpose I can only reveal in a week's time. Subsequently I hope to maintain a one week update as each page does take a fair bit of time to get done.
This staccato of updates is pretty unusual. Especially for such high-quality art. If you do that to please and attract more readers... Works. Damn. Good. On the first. And the second will come definetely.
I'm looking forward for the story.
Amazing....That cornbread looks bangin'
Your art is pure win! XD
Ooo didn't realise I could post too, haha, new to this site and am still learning how to navigate about. Thanks for the nice words, babies and all.

It is quite a fair bit of work getting one page out and I hope to make this comic a good one, hope all the readers will like it.
Aaaaw! I love the expressions! He's so caring.
...Whoa. I can't say much more then that. Evrything looks real! The grass, and the flowers and the sunlight! Damn! Your awsome!
god, the detail you put into this is amazing. I'm gonna see if I can't learn a thing or two from you.