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-read and discover :D-
Updates sporadic.

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I'm bringing it back if anyone is still interested ^^;
Updates are gonna be very sporadic but it can be read at
Uh... hi... been awhile :(
First off, I'm not quitting Stars, it's just in the process of a major overhaul... So yeah, I'm redoing it. :I I'm planning on leaving the older version up, but... yeah... I don't when I'll actually begin the new version but I'll post something here in case anyone might still be interested in it :X
Happy Halloween C:
September 24th, 2009
Updates should be kinda more frequent now.... :x Oh, and I know I forgot Saph's eyepatch in the 4th panel. (Hard to remember its there >< )
Just a quickie ^^. Star is becoming increasingly hard to draw T_T
Very sorry bout lack of updates. I'm having a bit of both artist's and writer's block. Dx I will try to get another page up sometime. Sorry again!
June 20th, 2009
Wow... I just now noticed I messed Saphiri's hair up in the first panel.... x.x
May 22nd, 2009
This page is kind of big... I'm still playing with the size so it's not too small to read the text. I'm quite proud of this page. ^^ If you've noticed I drew Star's hair differently. It'll be easier to color in the color difference this way for me. ^^
Not a page, and sketchy, I apologize. This is Saphiri, you would've met her next page. >.>
1. Long time no update. This is because as my school year is coming to an end my workload's increased as a result 2. Stars will be going on a hiatus until exams are over with which would be sometime in May... Once again sorry. ^^'
March 15th, 2009
Gyah, sorry for the long time with no updates, D: This page is like really sketchy, sorry again. >< Some the text is hard to read, if you need me to I can list what it says down here. In other news, I got Manga Studios and this is the first page of Stars done in it! ^^
EDIT: I've resized the page C:
January 23rd, 2009
cool! how do you color as neat as that?
January 16th, 2009
belated happy new year...
and wow...this page is cool!
January 16th, 2009
cute page!~~
January 15th, 2009
Well this was gonna be a page, but I caught the flu so I really haven't been up to thing. I did this somewhere in December after I got my tablet so yeah... Enjoy and I'll try getting a new page up asap!
January 1st, 2009
Mmm... first page of the new year, first page of stars to be drawn using a tablet, and first page I have attempted to tone. Lot of firsts heh. xD Happy belated Holidays and new years! Would've put up fillers buts I was busy workin on this.(and I'm actually quite proud of it) :3 Hopes you like it~!
November 26th, 2008
I'm sorry this is so late. I really don't have an excuse besides having and artist block and being lazy. x.x I'll be updating once more this week to catch up. After that I don't really know when I'll be able to update until after Christmas since semester exams are right around the corner. If I don't pass those I won't have any computer access other than things for school for a while, so I need to study as much as possible to ensure that I can keep updating! Sorry again! D:
November 15th, 2008
ooohhh... power transfer...
November 13th, 2008
Updates return! #1 of this weeks two page update, other page will be up tommorrow... if I remember... In other news: Agh! I drew Kyrael's hair wrong! D: Also if you're wondering why he collapsed s'cause the whole transfer power crap with crappy hands back in chapter three wore him out.
In uncomic related new: For any WoW players WotLK released today! Yay! Can't wait to get it. >.> 'K I'm done now.
Yeas, I know -_-; Blame my sister, haha.
S'ok, I should be ready to go next week and I'll be posting two pages to make up for this. ^^