WOE: Wings Over Ethereal

Dark events are beginning to unravel on planet Chrona! While tension and fear grips the beings of two distant kingdoms searching for peace, they remain blind to the unimaginable forces from beyond the stars that will change their lives forever.

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@JoKeR: It's gonna be fun. One of the reasons I started the Crisis was to practice action and effects so I could do Chapter 3 justice, but now I'm the other way around and looking forward to seeing what I can do with the Crisis now that Chapter 3 is over, hahaha.

@sentiashinou: Aha, thanks all the same! Special effects are a lot of fun, but I get kinda self-conscious about how much I use so it's always particularly nice to hear that someone enjoys 'em.
Aaa your effects always look so nice and I don't have much of an eye for them, so I can't give any more specific reactions than "it looks good". D; Nice color choices too!
Nice ...this will be good.
The Crisis finally has it's own Title Page!

It might not be anything super special, but I think it's satisfying. I didn't want something over-the-top, but instead something ominous to fit with the slow-building start as the Ancients are introduced.

(And the Title Page is temporarily at the back of the chapter just to make sure people visiting the front page know there's something new. I'll move it to the front of the chapter where it belongs after I get the next ACTUAL Crisis page done.)
Seven Rain
May 11th, 2017
@ServerPanda: I'm glad you enjoyed it! Hope you enjoy the Crisis finale, too. You seemed to be enjoying that chapter a lot last time it was updating.
Ahhhh! What a finish! The feels on this page are huge. Oh goodness. And the suspense, and the dread... just wow!
Seven Rain
May 10th, 2017
Thanks! I'm sure you guys will enjoy what's in store!

"Why shouldn't the comment work?"
Some of the times he tried commenting in the past the site didn't show him logged in or something. Prolly just SJ glitchiness.
May 10th, 2017
@Seven Rain: Well done dude!
Now take a break and start the next chapter with new energy.

Why shouldn't the comment work?
Congrats on finishing the chapter! I'm excited to see where WOE goes!

(oh hey! the comment worked)
Seven Rain
May 10th, 2017
End of Chapter Note
I love you guys. Seriously. Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone enjoys WOE even more going forward.
This chapter has felt like a bigger triumph than anything else I've done with this comic.

I have a lot of stuff planned that I'm really excited for, but I'm gonna need to take a few days to prep things and gather myself, figure out the best order to do things, etc.

I'll get a news post put together once I've got it all figured out, but I can tell you this much; The Crisis of The Ancients will be concluded next!
@sentiashinou: Ahaha, sadly I'd probably have a better chance of making money off of it if I did.
@Seven Rain: Great, now I want you to do a children's book adaptation of WOE.
@sentiashinou: Ixal and Rifta went boom with the island.
D8 whaaat is happening??
@JoKeR: Thanks, so happy to hear that! Makes it feel like it was really worth all that extra time spent trying to get the scene just right.
May 8th, 2017
From here on the next three pages.
Camera angle, timing, shots and effects are great. And the black page (the next one) is heavy.

Well done.
@JoKeR: You sly fox you.
May 4th, 2017
I knew it.
@sentiashinou: Heroism never did seem like part of Ixal's resume, huh?
Don't start getting heroic on me Ixal... D:<