WOE: Wings Over Ethereal

Dark events are beginning to unravel on planet Chrona! While tension and fear grips the beings of two distant kingdoms searching for peace, they remain blind to the unimaginable forces from beyond the stars that will change their lives forever.

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@JoKeR: That's good stuff right there.
@Seven Rain: I was just amused that he went totally Canadian.

Wait, A Canadian super villain who is always sorry for what he did, but is doing it anyway.
I have to note this down hahaha.
@JoKeR: Overwhelmed with unnatural power, just like our good friend Ixal.

(I promise "He was insaaAAaaAane!" won't always be the go-to reasoning for villainy in my comics, hahaha.)
Mister Logard seems to be a little bit erratically.
First "I destroy you all" and then "I'm sorry".

@sentiashinou: Mr. Lizard wanna stay dry.
Mr. Lizard! Run away!!
If anyone's confused about the name "Logard" please refer to the first page of the Crisis that I revised this morning:
http://wings-over-ethereal.thewebcomic.com/comics/1523986/crisis-of-the-ancients- 1/

I feel foolish but I didn't realize until this page that Arahnx's last name isn't mentioned at all before this point, (at least not that I'm aware of, but better safe than sorry,) and was only known to readers that looked at his profile page. Now his full name is mentioned in the first page.
@JoKeR: Ahaha, you'd be surprised how often I actually do that with hard-to-notice stuff like clouds and rain, or the cavernous halls of the floating island during the last part of Rosen.

I think of it like pro-wrestling; If the ref didn't see it, it didn't happen.
@Seven Rain: The clouds ...well ...I can clearly see what you did there. (^__-)
But I won't tell anyone.
@JoKeR: Haha, I'm glad you noticed! Their hair also flows a bit differently in each panel.

(The clouds in the back were also meant to change but I messed that up and didn't notice until replying. It's fixed now, though.)
It's all good. I use this technique as well, to give the small details more importance.

And the rain is different in every panel. (^___-)
This page was meant to be simple and lingering, but I can't shake that it looks awkward.

(Hopefully I'm just being paranoid again. I mean it's not like way back during the Passion chapter when I'd re-use the same panel/pose like a dozen times.)
@sentiashinou: It's mostly intentional! At least in Arahnx becoming calmer/mournful towards the end as Ancient becomes more distant and far gone in his rage, if that's what you're getting at.
(I've admittedly had a bit of trouble keeping Ancient's face consistent, but I definitely wanted some mood shifts in them both as the chapter comes to a close.)
I dunno if this was intentional or not, but I like how Arahnx had a little bit of a babyface compared to Ancient the last couple pages, and it's the other way around on this page. It kind of fits the dialogue. c:
@Seven Rain: Certainly (^__-)
@JoKeR: I feel like that could be interpreted in a couple different ways, haha.
Big reaction sequence is coming...
@Seven Rain: Ah... ok, I misinterpreted her reaction.
@JoKeR: Yep, it'll be explained by the end of this chapter!

As for Marida I didn't mean for it to come off as that, she's just in shock and wasn't expecting to see Fathom out here.

This is Fathom's original form. All Draconians share the long-snouted reptilian characteristics and tall stature, actually, but that's not really plot-important. Just a bit of lore trivia since Fathom is the first Draconian officially introduced.
The end of the chapter and parts of much later chapters will give more insight to the Draconians in general.
@Seven Rain: Will we get an explanation in the near future why Fathom changes his appearance. Marida seems to have problems to recognize him ...does it mean Fathom looked even more different in the past?