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Lizards and Labarynths

by Squark
A comic about 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons inspired by Rich Burlew's Order of the Stick.
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A comic about 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons inspired by Rich Burlew's Order of the Stick.


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Not that anyone reads this anymore, but L&L will be... changing, a bit.
uhh,,, oops
not that these people read the comic anymore, but I meant for that to be +2 Str
Disclaimer and Spoilers
DISCLAIMER: None of these characters are intentional references to OOTS.

Right, and now some spoilers about the characters...

-Two of these characters are convicted criminals
-Two of these characters are wanted (Not necasarily the SAME two...)
-At least one party member is engaged.
"Shaft" was created: 1) out of a need for a rogue, and 2) because I like the idea of a Dwarf Rogue who flaunts tradition. His nickname was inspired by Lt. Colnel Cameron Mitchel of Stargate SG-1 (Who, in one episode, is revealed to have once gone by the nickname Shaft (Cam Shaft) when he was a pilot).

His lack of an accent is born out of my hopelessness with accents, but is explained in the comic.
Cameron was born in part because I needed a divine character who could have healed the party prior to 4e. His romance with Katie came because I wanted to do a romance subplot, but I have no experience with dating, so a simple one seemed best.
Katie is loosely inspired by a character I've toyed with for 4.0, a Thrawn-esque (not nearly as good as him, though) tactician. Her backstory is completely different, though, and Ramana didn't have a love interest.
Murauth comes from the same Persistant World, but he's a friend's character, not mine. He's a bit less dour in the game (at least he was, he may have gotten more surly after a... engagement with a woman who was secretly a demonic cultist). Isabella is also based on the real Isabella, although I confess that Gishenen never got to know her, so I've created my own personality for her.
Gishenen is inspired by a character I played in a NWN persistant World. He isn't entirely truthful to that character, because the original Gishenen had a philosophical bent. He also wasn't much of a prankster. I keep meaning to get back to him, but can never get around to it.
That should be STR, not INT.

That's the hazard of copy and paste.

Oh, and I hope to get a comic out by Tuesday.

Sorry for the delay, first the recharger broke (finally. I'm amazed it lasted as long as it did) (2 hour power supply means my Dad wanted the power saved for emergencies), and now the left mouse button is broken on the mouse.

Fortunately, I should be getting a new computer on Monday, so with any luck I'll have a new comic by Tuesday.

Oh, and after this, I'm going to go and add some commentary to the character bios
Hey, cool comic. (I was looking for another OotS type comic.)

And on a random note, aren't half-orcs normally considered to be not-so-bright? Or is this one of those stereotypes which isn't always accurate? (Referencing the Ability Scores of +2 con and int.)
New comic will be coming out in a few days...
Strictly speaking...

However, it's just... borring. Too few abilities, AND not true to the True Gnome.
Don't they already have Gnomes in the MM as a playable race?
And here is the surpise! I'll occasionally post some homebrew material that either solves a problem brought up in the comic or just because I want to.

Here's the first installment!


Carefree pranksters who live just beneath the ground.

Racial traits
Average Height: 3’-3’6”
Average Weight: 40-45 lb.

Ability Scores: +2 constitution, +2 Intelligence
Size: Small
Speed: 5 squares
Vision: low-light

Languages: Dwarven, common
Skill Bonuses: +2 perception, +2 arcana
Illusionary Talent: Gnome Wizards may learn and use the hallucinatory item and hallucinatory creature ritual when they are 5 levels lower than normal (minimum level 1). They may perform the requisite ritual in 1/10th the normal time, and only expend 1/5h the normal cost for the hallucinatory item ritual (Now 100gp). You also gain a +2 racial bonus to attacks with illusion powers
Gnomish Weapon Proficiency: You gain proficiency with the warpick.
Fey Origin: See page 38 of the player’s handbook.
Prestidigitation: You gain the wizard class feature prestidigitation. Gnome Wizards may have twice as many prestidigitations in affect at any one time.

Children with an unlikely heritage, half-orcs are strong and tough.

Racial traits
Average Height: 5’-6’10”
Average Weight: 160-325 lb.

Ability Scores: +2 constitution, +2 strenght
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Darkvision

Languages: Giant, common
Skill Bonuses: +2 Intimidate, +2 Athletics
Dual Heritage: See page 42 of the PHB, but replace the word elf with orc.
Destructive Power: You gain a +2 racial bonus to checks to break or burst items.
Bravery: You gain a +5 racial bonus to will defense against fear.
Rage: You can use rage as a daily power.

Rage Racial Power
Drawing on your Orcish ancestor’s anger, you attack with ferocious power.
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You gain a +2 to attack and damage rolls, but a -4 penalty to all defenses.

Messy... I need to get a site for this... Give you the URL when I have it.

Apparently barbarian is due for the PHBII, and I wouldn't be surprised if half-orc follows suit. OF course... That's if dragon magazine doesn't beat the PHBII to the punch.

Oh, and I also owe an apology to...

Was it Mark Shallow? I can't remember. The point is, he used this title before.

I'll try to be more original tommorow.
I actually cannot believe they don't allow half orc barberians... It's silly.

Nice comic anyways.
Murauth seems to be undergoing a series of graphical updates. Last time pockets appeared out of nowhere, now he's grown aditional chest hair.

Surprise will be up as soon as I am sure of its legality (It'll make sense when I post it) (It'll be up regardless, I just may have to use a specific site to post it).

(considering the speed at which the forum the query was posted on moves, we could be looking at a coupld days worth of delay.

Oh, and Full apologies to Tim "Lyinginbedmon" Maughan for poking fun at him, here. No offense meant. EDIT: After pming him on a forum, he doesn't seem to mind.

FINAL EDIT: Gishenen made the "Eep" sound, for the record (since he's a wizard)
July 7th, 2008
ACtually, Gishenen IS transparent.

It just doesn't show...
July 7th, 2008

You could've drawn him a transparent to show that he was invisible?
July 6th, 2008
Not much to say, here.

Although where the pockets on Murauth's trenchcoat came from is anyone's geuss.

Oh, and expect a surprise soon...