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5 years after the game, Vincent Valentine, seeking rest, journeys to Cosmo Canyon for advice. What he finds is an unexpected adventure with Yuffie and Nanaki. Together they travel to the Northern Crater to find materia, answers and a reason to live.

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Comment on Chapter 1 - 038
Zinnili, 5th Mar 2014
Ok, I'm little sketchy on the histroy. But wasn't Vinny's daddy alittle to close to Lucy? So, sehpy could have been Vinny's brother.
Comment on Chapter 9 - 404
Małafanka (Guest), 29th Jan 2013
Thank you:)
Thank you a lot for such a great job you've done. I now, that comic have no end (and you'll never uptade more) but i'm really grateful for all you anytime puplicate. Such a great story and drawing, a lot of emotion and laugh. Thakn you, thank yo so much for all of this. I hope you're happy now, and you have a good live. Thank you once again and happy new year (it's 2013 already:)
Comment on Chapter 9 - 404
thomas (Guest), 4th Sep 2012
is this webcomic still active
WIll It be updated anytime soon
Comment on Chapter 9 - 404
pegasiger, 8th Feb 2012
i do hope you finish the comic someday, i absolutely love it =^.^=
Comment on Chapter 9 - 404
Sexy_Reno, 8th Jan 2012
Congrats! I know I speak for all of us when I say we can't wait to see what comes next here. I've been following this webcomic since chapter 2 and (after 2 comp crashes and a move) I'm so happy to see it still running. <3
Comment on Chapter 9 - 404
Eisen (Guest), 11th Aug 2011
Just started reading and I couldn't put it down. I know it's been a while since the last update, but I'd love to see more! Great story!
Comment on Chapter 9 - 404
Your fan from Vancity, Steven (Guest), 14th Jul 2011
It is worth the wait, and congratulations Miss I truly wish your baby girl and you all my blessings and good health :D
Comment on Chapter 6 - 287
KayaMetsu(is just not logging in (Guest), 29th May 2011
First panel Vincent = Pure love.
He looks so shocked and hurt. <3
Comment on Chapter 1 - Cover
Stephanie Eisenhower (Guest), 25th Apr 2011
Comment on Chapter 9 - 404
calambmity, 19th Feb 2011
Congrats and I hope that all is going wonderfully for you.

You have another reader in me. I've become completely infatuated with the FFVII characters even though I have a very limited knowledge. :)

Awesome work.


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