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All about the game series "Super Blast Bros."

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Who even has this many items
microchip attack it could be called
more like a shock wave to me
(At Kuzer 1000)
Why me?
Lugbzurg! Post more comics!

(At Gehshi Tyukinomi)
Are you Teel?
This can be a late comment,But i know why "Teel" is gone.
Teel's name is now abandoned.
He's back.
You just need to find him.
Don't even ask why he is no more.
Because he's just around the corner.
Ill tell you what happens! It gets dark and stars come out.
I remember Semi-Nega Sonic from Sonic Flash: Full of Darkness... Or did he appear on one of the Sonic sprite movies I used to watch on youtube?
What happened to Sonic Flash: Full of Darkness anyway?
Oh noes! Teh cd! dont waist it
Omigosh! I used an assist trophy to summon... a pencil!!!!!

u can die nao
at lug(the one above rage)i think you mean panel 9 instead of panel 5
i cant see anything
edit:oh nevermind
June 29th, 2010
all i can see is a broken JPEG
How does that work out?
a hedgehogg'd version of tabuu's off waves
Ok, I guess I might as well say that some time ago, I created this new Sonic villain of mine and I used this sprite as reference. So, thanks, Spekkal.
(At Tyrannus)
Na, I got a much better one, already.