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December 6th, 2010
Sends this one in, saying "Inspired by a week of snow here in the UK which had us Brits going '
Wow, winter! ' :)"

Here in Salt Lake City, meanwhile, we've been having a bunch of fog. The world, it seems, has gone INSANE. :)
Anyway, go visit PS-99 at
November 25th, 2010
updating from my phone.
This is awesome. :)

Anyway, PS-99 sent this in for you enjoyment. Go show him your love at
August 4th, 2010
June 25th, 2010
Huge apologies to PS-99. This comic came in back in May, but I was in the middle of being slightly homeless, internetless, and nearly toothless.

Life is stable now, so comics may be posted again (hazaah!)

Visit PS99 at:
YAY!!! Desolate Robot lives!!

And rocks, as usual. ;-)
April 14th, 2010
Awww, deep down, I had hoped this comic was still around.
April 9th, 2010
Bam! :)

Visit PS99's site at:

April 4th, 2010
Another From PS99!
Yay, submissions!

You can visit PS99's comic at:

Thanks for continuing to contribute.
New Submitter!
Got this in my email. No idea where it came from, but frankly I don't care! :)

You can visit Alohilani at

Thanks for reading & submitting!
Feisty Girl
February 19th, 2010
Ah. Desolate. How I've missed thee.
January 18th, 2010
I'm doing away with numbering the comics. I'm also starting to reconsider how they're sorted. Now that SmackJeeves has access to chapters I could potentially sort it into catagories (General, WT, DR-A). Alternatively, I could sort it by author.

I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing to do, so any advice or comments would be appreciated.

While I ponder, feel free to visit PS99's comic at:
Merry X-Mas!
(For those of you observing it)

I hope your holiday season has been pleasant and relaxing. Show your holiday good cheer by visiting PS99's awesome comic at:
As an aside, you can find lots of DR templates at:

<img src=" ng" />
including Xmas-Robot (Desolate Santa V1). :)
PS99's holiday wishes.
PS99 sends this one in, along with a happy X-Mas and Merry New Year, or whatever. Hope you're spiking the EggNog and loving it! :)

visit PS99's comic @
Rather than comment
I'll simply point you to PS99's site:

and post a link to this:
Late Night Robot
I'm sleepy, my attention split between work, my NaNoWriMo novel, and updating DR for your enjoyment!

And speaking of enjoyment, please check out PS99's comic @
PS99 - The Revenge!
Possibly my favorite submission in recent times. :)

Visit PS99's comic at:
Josh Hartnett situation
Hey, Gotta love the Josh Hartnet " Hat on during sex " situation
WT from new submitter.
E&C sends this one in, to promote his webcomic found at

Check it out. I dare you!
PS99 continues his streak, putting the rest of us submitters to shame. :)

Go say hi by visiting his comic!