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The Story of Lord Rageous and his friends at Duel Academy fighting evil and what not.

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...You're kidding, right? THIS is what gets passed as a featured Donator comic? I'm disgusted.
Okay, I've only placed one reply, so this is my second one and now, I've read all the posts in one setting. Nice job with the characterization as well as using sprites that I mostly know. ^_^ Hope I can see your next update if there is any more.
Yes. Moar. :3

<3 u ragey~ ;D
sorry about that everyone, forgot to flip it back over. hence why I'm re-posting it.
Damn kind of short after all them months ain't it? Hopefully this means you'll be regularly posting new one's at least weekly right?
Thanks ^_^, I try to be unique with my comics so it doesn't look like I'm copying someone else >_>. What do you find interesting about it? *is curious*
I've never seen a comic set up like this before. This is an interesting style.

That is what I was copying for the beginning half of the comic, incase some of you didn''t know.
Dude I love your comic
It motivated me to make my own comic. BTW It's me Cybernetic Emperor/Roger.
Your comic is t3h kewlz0rz. 8D
BTW, can you check out

I think you'd really like it. You can advertise your comics here if you'd like, but dont forget to introduce yourself there and chat a bit with the other members. :D

Also, you can advertise your comic on