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Cursed Bluto's Crazy Life

by CursedBluto
Everyone has a hobby. Some collect stamps, some write, and some attempt world domination just to meet the famous Mega Man. This is the tale of one such person as he discovers that Mega Man is not the only hero out there.

This comic has been discontinued. Please read the latest comic for information why.
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6 Years Ago
Everyone has a hobby. Some collect stamps, some write, and some attempt world domination just to meet the famous Mega Man. This is the tale of one such person as he discovers that Mega Man is not the only hero out there.

This comic has been discontinued. Please read the latest comic for information why.

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CBCL Prologue - Generation of Steel
Generation of Steel was meant to herald the reboot of CBCL - instead of starting off with Bluto and his Mary Sue-like antics, I decided I wanted to start with a 50 page pseudo-8-bit styled prologue taking place during the events of the original Mega Man game.

So for the first week, things were going fine - I had a buffer of 9 comics going out of 50 planned. I even had scripts up to comic 20. then I had a road trip with my family from Nebraska to Washington to get to my college housing, and I simply didn't have time to work on the road or when I got to DigiPen. several times I tried to get back into working on it or the pages of rebooted CBCL, but it felt like too much time was required when I had game projects, programming assignments, and other classwork to do.

Then, last December, right after I got home for the holidays, I lost my grandmother to cancer. she and I were very close, so this was a devastating development. I spent most of what was supposed to be my resting time dealing with funeral arrangements and drama with my extended family, so I came to DigiPen even more burnt out than when I left. At the same time as I shelved CBCL, I also had to drop several important classes from my schedule, and even that didn't prevent me from failing a couple classes and nearly bombing my second game project. Even now I'm dealing with backlash from depression and stress, unfortunately.
Hey GMC, been quite a while! Glad to hear from you.

Unfortunately, a few of the comics may have been lost to the void. I'm under the impression that they're on my old desktop, meaning I'll have to take some time some weekend to migrate some files.

I know for sure the epilogue flash is gone because it was hosted on Comic Era. As for the missing Ch2 pages, I believe the missing ones are the hand-drawn ones Hans was working on. I have those and will upload them as soon as my schedule permits.
There are a few comics not showing up. You might want to look at them again.
You have no idea how fun it was to sprite Al and Tom during the Vietnam War, just turning back the clock to make them into young men molded by battle.
Wow. The time I thought I’d have for Generation of Steel just melted away, and with it, the CBCL reboot. There was so much I wanted to do with it, to tell an epic story about Cursed Bluto and friends, but I think I’m finally coming to terms with it – nobody really CARED for the story I wanted to share. I had to prod readers to give me feedback, to even look at Cursed Bluto’s Crazy Life. And it ALWAYS felt like beating a dead horse. I think it was because I insisted on moving from sprites to hand-drawn; It wasn’t that it was a bad thing to do so, but I started taking too long between updates. And with the reboots, I don’t feel like anyone really cared to listen to the story I wanted to tell when they would have to sit through more of the same first. I don’t want to go back to sprites, but I also don’t think I could get it to return to what it used to be. It needs the full treatment that TBM is presently giving to other projects, and I can’t commit the time to make CBCL good again, after almost 6 years of continually trying. So as of today, I consider CBCL dead until I can commit the time and love necessary for it to be the story I wanted it to be, which is not in the foreseeable future. I think this will be for the better, though. Besides, I don’t think I want to work with someone else’s intellectual property right now(especially not Capcom; lately they have done some things that will take time for me to forgive).
Well, the ideal is that by MMZ the Maverick Virus is actually gone, (Mother Elf/Dark Elf).

However, due to the simple fact that Reploids still dont have the same morality tests that Megaman X had, they could still go Maverick.

Another thing is that the Copy X is what X would have been without those years of testing. Therefore, he results in becoming a semi-maverick (as the MM definition of Maverick mostly applies to those who try to hurt humans)
As soon as I can draw every cast member, I probably will make one of those huge banners that is the same width as the actual comic page.
December 20th, 2009
Looking good.
though, you really should change your banner to the new theme.

No, not really. I'm already in the middle of a time travel story arc. :P
December 19th, 2009
Do I feel an EXE story arc coming up?
Trying out different layouts and techniques still, but I think this one might be a keeper. It's slightly taller and slightly narrower than the normal sprited ones were, and even allows for a bit more flexibility structure-wise.
ha ha. funny. Another update! things are becoming frequent!
...Holy fudge
An update.
It makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

(Sorry about the huge text, I'm still trying to get used to hand-drawn stuff and wasn't sure how it'd turn out.)
November 25th, 2009
Its an update!!! Its a hand-drawn update!! Its not sprited!
What's this? Hand-drawn stuff? Weird, but I'm trying to get better at drawing the comics instead of spriting them. Ironically, I've started out with a somewhat tough one - drawing Bluto's hand placed on a scanner.
November 6th, 2009
praise the lord, I thought there was a 1 year gap between this comic and the last...
November 2nd, 2009
An update!!! huzzah!!!
According to the Halo novels however, there ARE other Spartans besides Master Chief, just that we never see them in the games. (Kinda sad really, fighting alongside other Spartans would have been so KICK BUTT!!!)
November 1st, 2009
Sorry it's late(Had I put off uploading this one much longer, I'd have to change it to "Feliz dia de los Muertos").

Due to time constraints I wasn't able to do more than Bluto and the remaining 5 Robot Masters, though I wanted to include Wily, Metal Wily, Dr. Light, Auto, Bush, Mega Man, Bass, and Proto Man. Too many characters in too little time, I guess. Oh well. Anywho, be sure to vote for your favorite costume at