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Insert coin to try again
you lose
please try again tomorrow
no stfu
stop bringing up 2 year old conversations
>:3 Or I won't be updating at all! HAHAHAHA!
ಠ_ಠ How dare you blame-....ok, I'll give you that one...
CSI: Miami olololololol

ALL POWAS. I need to do a cleaning. :3 I know HTML Coding now and also better sprite making ability Also Comic making. :D
Now powas!!!!!1! And Ill update tommarow
yep I updated twice in one day bitches.
*puts on sunglasses*
im confused but thats ok, I usually am
Also Intive pweeez. :D i am now more skilled then evar.
No I could'nt accept and ask auhtors if they want to join becuase my friend really wanted to join but nope, I had no permission and you were gone.
..... what?
you had every permission you needed. the only one I don't give is delete webcomic
April 28th, 2010
Damn you Noah! Damn you!!!!! Oh yeah I would Re-join but because I know Your most likey gone now, I have a few complaints. One; I had no fucking permissions. Nuff said; its pretty frustrating.
Just be glad you got an update
this just... happened.... while I was rearranging my sprite sheet. I missed the emerald when grabbing one of the sprites and just tossed it over with it afterwards.
Then I noticed that it was in such a place that there was absolutely NO way I could catch it if I was really throwing it. So... this...... yeah.....
*blames zonic*
wut >_>

no I'm blaming Jonah for being so god damned ugly... and slashing me
Great excuse Noah, blame the vortex of doom!
Dude it's a comic
Yes I have made a comic.
Yes I have red fur now.
Yes that hideous monstrosity called a slashman recolor is my brother.
And yes, the vortex of doom is STILL there

And that's why I haven't updated for 7 months =D
Hmmm... Sure... we need a new girl on teh team!