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Third Sapphire

by UglyKitten
Mishu's murder is just the beginning of Bri's troubles, as Dirken continues to terrorize the dimensions. Or is it really Dirken at all...?
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13 Years Ago
Mishu's murder is just the beginning of Bri's troubles, as Dirken continues to terrorize the dimensions. Or is it really Dirken at all...?


Recent Comments

December 22nd, 2008
You draw their eyes so beautifully. :)
ligettr (Guest)
December 9th, 2008
May 3rd, 2008
pkj83 v
to unknown: not as gay as you since you have completely no idea how to spell

uglykitten: i don't agree with unknown i think it's an awesome comic :] & it's alright if it takes long we don't mind ~<3
cool but not cool enough
i fink dis comic iz fuken shit and gay so plz try harder next time
You're not really ugly? I bet you're not really a kitten either!
Your sad vibe's are fantastic period!
I felt them right in my own heart..
best page of the whole story
In the second panel both girls look alike to me so much so as to be twins. yes one has long hair but their features are so similar and I have no idea which of the two is in the close up..
the page pacing is great and so is the layout

What is that cute creature sleeping on the sofa!
I can see your work improving but your not seeing your work!

Your art and the dialogue HAVE to tell the story..

If you think it's not then something more needs to be added as in more pages your telling your story with to few pages per chapter and you know it.. You wouldn't have this urge to fill us all in .. maybe your hand illness is the problem, I know what it's like to hurt and how much more that hurt is when your wanting to do something you love so much.

Trust in your story and your art, please.
your demon's reaction to the water is well bleh.. the water has great animation but it flat stops when it hits the demon and well the demon needs to be a little bit more reactive to the destruction the water should be causing...
English, could learn from the Japanese sound effects.. trip is so sad.. Their's just have way more life in them then ours.
Great page
I love this page I actually laughed out loud!
Well by the time I'm reading this your surgery is long past and since your still posting (sorta) in the other forum your oK!
I hope you keep your demon style someday millions will love them...I like this page 3 glomps
Best Bri yet!
your breaking wave is coming and going at the same time?
The bomb dropped because it had to! If it hadn't of dropped many more millions of people would not be alive today in Japan and the rest of the world! War is a sad thing that humans persue but the end of war is a good thing.. it was over 60 years ago btw great work on this page I'm dumb I didn't get that bat ear panel I had no idea they could grow so large..
Whale Killer's that is what Orca's are as they kill the young of other whale's.. Your picture of them is getting better!

What's really to bad is the people with money are set in their ways, me, like your paneling

Your sigh panel back a couple of pages was the absolute best, I really connected to the emotion ..

While the hands were really good they did seem a little strong..

The only thing I didn't like on this current page is chibi Jirkle, I love the rest..
I'd say if you just had made your sound effect a little more boldly your first panel is perfect!, and you'd not need to make any other changes...
I'm not one to say you always HAVE to stick to someone else's formula to have a winner.. And, those that step outside are the ones who find the light!

In a previous panel you accidently put your diag-line running the wrong direction. However, I feel that worked out as it actually added emphais to the scene... sorry for the misspelling
December 19th, 2006
HOMG!! BRIDGET!! THATS ME! xDD no its not..but its my name...sweet xD

Loving this comic ^^