At Arm's Length

The story of three magical ladies and their lives with their husbands, making it in the modern world and dealing with the occasional monster attack.

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@Guest: ...Yes.

Gotta hate lazy artificers who don't document their artifacts of ancient powers properly. Just ask modern coders.
I'm Burnin' for You
@Salen: Lost the manual or there wasn't time enough to make a manual before they had seal the magic powers from whatever evil forces that want the powers.
Serval Avatars: it gives you wings and fire powers...
@Salen: Believe it or not, I'm burning the air...
@Night-X: Yup, it's the "Greatest American Hero" syndrome. Given amazing powers, loses the manual that tells him how to use or access them.
The downside about new things and happens with no info what to do is that you have to take little steps to understand them.
Seriously, someone needs to explain what the magical artifacts do and how they going about their choosing if they select someone in the ancient warnings/prophesies so the people who make it a job to find these things are more informed. It makes sense that a guardian would have some kind of power to take out a city or abnormally large structure. Of course, it would make more sense for the guardian to have defensive abilities powerful enough to halt abnormally powerful attacks, or at the very least neutralize them.
She's going kyo kusanagi!
@DarkwingDork: Ah! So magic is lazy, and only does stuff when it's told to, or when it absolutely has to.
I'll bet magic never vacuums its apartment, either.
And we're back in Claire's office! I'm guessing this late at night no one asked questions. :P
Eddie Valiant: "You could have escaped any time!?"

Roger Rabbit: "No. Only when it's funny!"
It's the kind of magic that only available as the plot dictates! :P
But she didn't discover the serval until they were already looking for her.
Is this one of those Discworld things where sometimes you get the effect a little bit before the cause?
A Silent Serval Stalking its prey. What's the deal with airline food? I don't know, this is a comment about nothing.

also, first. :D
@Salen: "Ah, yes: it was - A jackal-headed woman with her eyes akimbo; a king sitting sideways on his throne; a drip, with gold-chippe'd nose uplifted... All this, graven on a pyramus with the body of a li-on, paws that refreshes, a tail told by an idiot, and the head of a FOX!" - Firesign Theatre 7@=Q
@Marshal Banana: It's all fun & games till you misspell EGRET CAT FUNNY-WALKING-PERSON as CAT EGRET FUNNY-WALKING-PERSON. Hieroglyph spelling was the worst.
@DarkwingDork: Couple of people stand by, watching the stonemason at work, just waiting for the moment when he realizes he left the 'e' off of "Pride."
Best entertainment of the time period.
@Marshal Banana: Typos were every stonemason's personal demon...