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At Arm's Length

The story of three magical ladies and their lives with their husbands, making it in the modern world and dealing with the occasional monster attack.

Updated Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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That's more like it.
I get a feeling the big statue is meant to protect the world from the power of the little statue.
And that concludes this story! Sorry for the hiatus, we plan to be back on track.

So, our mysterious silent "benefactors" reveal themselves to be Maria and Ruth, the mice mad scientists from "Cat Scratch Fever." What nefarious things will they get up to next?

Ruth and Maria are © Theyton!

Thanks for his generous support. If you'd like to have your characters appear in the comic, consider supporting us on our Patreon page!
I wonder what the "real prize" is. It looks like a tiny jackal statue or something.
@DarkwingDork: The image squeaks in protest.
@Marshal Banana: Er, we'll fix that.
Woah! That image is huge!
Well, finally came to the latest page. Can't say it's the best webcomic I seen, but it's near, sitting well above the simply 'good' comics. Keep going! Also, comments section is around half amusementioned this place provided me with, way to go lads.
@DarkwingDork: Excitement abounds!
Hey guys, sorry for going dark so long. We promise to get more pages up soon.
Me, and, my sha-dow,
Spreading out our phan-tom wings;
Just me, and, my sha-dow:
Got a job protecting arcane things!
And when Enchanters call,
I'll poke my eye;
And help 'em all,
'Cause now I can fly!
Just me, and, my sha-dow,
Wait for what the fu-ture brings! 7@=Q
Goth Peter Pan
One turns you into the undead.
The other leads children to the afterlife.
@Dimensional: New Headcanon: Dracula is just Goth Peter Pan.
@Salen: They both like flying at night and going into bedrooms through the window.
@Asland: Who indeed? DUN-DUN-DUNNNN!
But who was the mysterious benefactor in Comic #3 that encouraged her to go back to the dig site in the first place...
@Marshal Banana: It's not Dracula Shadow unless it starts to do stuff without her. Like Peter Pan and his shadow. Huh. Peter Pan and Dracula are more alike than I thought.
Well, at least she knows how be honest without giving any secrets away.
New team member!