At Arm's Length

The story of three magical ladies and their lives with their husbands, making it in the modern world and dealing with the occasional monster attack.

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@Marshal Banana: Mysterious Island by Jules Verne.

And, of course, Mysterious Mose: 7@=Q
fairy tales
Most of the worlds greatest archaeological finds started out as bedtime stories and fairy tales passed down for generations before someone said "hey, this sounds cool! let's try to find it"
Hm...that person speaking on the phone to Ms. De Lune...I can't shake the feeling it's Temujin talking to her on the phone. Seems like stuff she'd say.
@Lucius Appaloosius: Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain.
Credits: "Mysterious Angel" played by Sydney Greenstoat.... 7@=Q
that's the problem with silent partners.

they never stay silent for long.
@Salen: "It's being graded by top men."
"Top. Men."
@Marshal Banana: Servals be right for not getting that pun in first, and just doing a Lion King reference. *chuckles*
Yes indeed.
@DarkwingDork: Yes I noticed and I have been umming and erring to make that comment for a few days and what to actually say.
And yes, the connection of the meerkat. I did not actually see that movie until like 2005.
"It's somewhere in this labyrinthian warehouse full of wooden crates! If you can find it, that would be great. My son left his homework underneath it and it's now considered Classified by the government."
Oh, good. A mysterious backer with nebulous intentions. Always a good sign when dealing with ancient artifacts.
@RuneWolf: Actually, even Indiana Jones had to get money. In the Raiders, he was being funded by the US military (which always seems to think it has an endless supply of money to throw away) and in the Last Crusade he was being funded by a millionaire who wanted the Holy Grail for himself.
Now, his funders were pulling money out of nowhere, but Indy himself still needed funding.
This is a sad truth of real life discovery. Unlike the movies, where Indiana Jones can just pull money out of nowhere no questions asked to go to far off corners of nowhere, archeologists have to deal with people who are sinking money into what they deem as an investment and have to be proven that the job is worth throwing money at.
@WhippetWild: You mean "The serval sleeps tonight."
@WhippetWild: Hey, someone noticed she was a meerkat!
Whim away. Whim away. Whim away.
The lion sleeps tonight.
"The shtuff that webcomics are made of..." 7@=Q
@Salen: If Michael Bay gets his grubby hands on My Little Pony...
@Marshal Banana: "Man on rampage explodes large portions of US, destroys several beloved 80s pop-culture franchises in wake." Yeah, it's not that hard to do. XD
@Salen: You know, I think I now could effectively argue that Michael Bay is a terrorist thanks to the way we've twisted logic in this conversation.

Thank you.