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Based on a dream I had about finding an old 'friend'.


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June bug (Guest)
August 26th, 2008
That was amazing.
I've read plenty of stories and comics that were much longer, but few that were nearly as good.
You have real talent. ^^
Keep up the good work!
July 24th, 2008
Oh...this page is so cool...I love the tree's hands...
July 24th, 2008
I agree with Mapleleaf. I see dreams only about zombies and games (maybe I should stop watching zombie movies & play less). I just loved the art, it was clear and pretty. The flow of this comic worked well too. This comic is faved, so I don't forget it.
July 24th, 2008
Very very Pretty, I love it. I hope you have another pretty dream like this...* chuckles*
Hahahaha! ^^; Egotistical Cover is egotistical 8D; But thank you. <3
July 24th, 2008
WOW. sorry. that was like... the best 3 minutes I've ever had in my life. ever. That was such a beautiful oneshot and because this was your dream, it just adds to that... ^^ ... sorry... but that's just WOW... I liked. <heart> ^^
July 24th, 2008
this is a big cover... ^^ it just proves the amazing-ness of how you did it. I love the fact that this was a dream you had a while back.