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In an parallel universe, on an alternate Pop Star, our favorite little marshmallow is many instead of one. A team of seven Batamon, each armed with a unique ability, set out to defend Dreamland from all matter of trouble... once they stop arguing amonst themselves. They are... the Superkirbies!

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November 11th, 2013
Yay, you updated. I like this comic.

Why didn't you update for so long? :S
Hot and Cold - Part 2
The best breaks of the fourth wall use the mechanics of the comic format to their fullest potential. This comic should be read as eight really wide panels instead of sixteen normal sized panels for maximum enjoyment.

...I've been watching that Pikmin 2 walkthrough for too long; I'm starting to sound like the ship!

Anyways, part of Wiz's spell to summon the demon beasts includes a reference to Dr. Seuss's Butter Battle Book. A most intriguing read you should check out; there was also a very well done animated adoptation made as well, and you can probably find it on YouTube.
Hot and Cold - Part 1
...I don't really like this one. It's just... off. It exists just because I wanted to update this webcomic for once after so long.
Cherry Sleep, nice.
Also, CM, are you referring to them being shut?
I don't remember paying much attention to them in the game. Were they open?
What do you mean? I don't see anything wrong.
What's wrong with Nightmare's eyes?
Enemy Intelligence - Part 3
The real joke's in the fifth panel, with the punchline at the beginning of the sixth. This storyline's almost over as its purpose is pretty much done at this point.
Hm... I suppose that would be an edit simple enough for even me to do.
For a girl Kirby, its hard to tell rather Yellow is a girl or not, sprite wise. Maybe give her some eyelashes to make her look more like one, you know?
Enemy Intelligence - Part 2
The previous comic was made last May. This one was made last WEEK. And this one left me with an idea for the next one (if you can spy the recurring phrase that did so, free cookie for you), so you may get another one soon. Or it could be another six months; y' never know.
I have intentions for Dark Matter to appear, but odds state he'll be a minor villian.
What, no Dark Matter action?
The "enemies in the dark" thing has been done, used, overused and pretty much KILLED. Find yourself a new gag to work with, I'm tired of seeing this one...
Wiz was always one of my fav bosses.

Though it was a PAIN to beat him.
Enemy Intelligence - Part 1
With the introductions pretty much out of the way, we now turn to Nightmare and crew. Nightmare is one of the primary villians of this comic (which should be no duh), and as such he's decided to do some recon.

This storyline is more to be informative than entertaining and help you learn more about this alternate dimenison. So while I will try to provide some laughs, they are by no means guarenteed.
In the first place, Yellow is a girl.

Second, when there's a strong wind blowing in your face, do you fall forwards or backwards?
This would have been more effective if Yellow did a faceplant instead of an back-fall, and there was the "FALL" sound thing by him, but... that's me.
A Super Start - Part 9
If there were frozen Daraoch sprites, the first three panels could've been extended into a whole comic.

And yeah, Chocolate doesn't talk much.