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The Art of Alychecia

by Alyxes
This is only art from my comic Alychecia. I hope you will enjoy it and choose to read my comic. If so, here's the link:
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9 Years Ago
This is only art from my comic Alychecia. I hope you will enjoy it and choose to read my comic. If so, here's the link:


Recent Comments

February 23rd, 2011
Underneath the ink 6
If you want to read my comic:
February 10th, 2011
Some more of the old pages.
This is when Roq and Lanya met. I made some drawings of them first, and their clothes so that I had a clear picture of what I was going to draw.
February 7th, 2011
Underneath the ink 5
Another one. I do hope some people appreciates this, or else I'm throwing this out in the wind.

Well, please read my comic.
Banner 4
I made this recently, to renew things a little now when I'm updating the comic again after so long time.
I thought it would be nice to see it big as well, the banner is so tiny.

Please read my comic if you're not already doing so.
February 6th, 2011
Underneath the ink 4
This was really fun to draw, yet exhausting on some parts...
As you probably know, I love details, so this page couldn't get away with less work.
February 4th, 2011
Underneath the ink 3
Exciting things happening! You want to know what they say? Why they're doing what they're doing?
Read my comic!
Before the colour
This page I've coloured in the comic, because I wanted to show the colour of the clothes. But I thought I wanted to show the clean ink page too. So here it is.
I haven't striped Lanya's hair here, because that's something I do in the black/white pages to simulate darker hair but not black. Her hair is chestnut brown.

If you want to see the coloured version, please read my comic!
Oh I see, after you ink it, you do type in the dialouge via digitally.
Underneath the ink 2
Read previous page's comment for info.

If this tickles your interest, please read my comic from the start at:
Underneath the ink
This is how I make the pages, with blue pencil. It makes things easier, I don't have to use more than one paper per page, because I ink directly on the blue. The blue colour disappears when you scan B/W. But I don't do that for complex reasons. I scan in colour, but the lightblue colour is easily removed.

Read my comic, this link takes you there! Just click the link "first comic" when you see it.
This is amazing! The background and everyone looks great here. I especially love the king's and Cliph's expressions. XD
October 25th, 2008
2 awesome characters in 1! I LOVE IT! That energy blast is cool; I like the way it reflects off of Roqman's armor! :D
October 24th, 2008
Hahaha! Awesome!
October 24th, 2008
Mega Man! Wooo!
This is Roq! As Mega Man!
Why Mega Man? You have to check out my comic to know!
I made this one too for my calendar, it's for November.
Wooo! This is a small idea I got, and felt that I had to do it. I have a calendar with empty spaces where you can draw your own pictures, I made this one on July.
It's Roq and Lanya, and also Roq's father and a this far unknown guy playing in the garden labyrinth.
This was a little before I finished Lanya's design.
Why does Roq and Lanya seem so friendly? You will see if you read the comic.
October 24th, 2008
Trying new
Here I almost finalized the look of Lanya. It took some time, I had a picture of her in mind, but then I thought she should be different from that anyway. I wanted to push my limits to be honest, I felt I wanted to try to design a character that felt like a professionally drawn mangacharacter.
It may sound like I wanna streamline my style so it looks just like any manga, but that's bullshit.
Copying is one good way to get better, you won't lose your own style just because of that.
Can anyone guess which character i fell in love with and tried to copy? Maybe it isn't that obvious...
God knows...
King and Princess
Here I found a completely new view of the princess. I wanted her to be beautiful and yet a little tomboy. Wild is sexy.
In the end I redesigned her again, because she looked too beautiful, too girly, she needed to look more wild as well.
The king was mostly drawn because it is necessary with a king if there is a princess. But in the end he got a big personality too.
He is as much a tomboy as his daughter.
October 24th, 2008
More of Roq and the first of Lanya
Yes, that's how I first figured Lanya. I soon thought she looked boring, so I redesigned her soon after. Actually the page after.
Roq's hat was really something I thought alot about. First I thought it should look somewhat like in the first really old version of this comic, but then I guess I thought it should be a helmet. It's logical, so that's what I decided for.
September 19th, 2008
Roq in action
This is the picture I used for the banner. But it was first used in a picture with several maincharacters from different comics, it was in a club.
I tried to use more contrast in the colors between light and shadow, I like the way it turned out. I usually have a hard time to do that.
This is from later in the comic, when stuff's started to happen.
What's not good with this is Roq's somewhat bent face, the left eye is a little weird. I hate that.
I'm a perfectionist.
August 8th, 2008
You must spend tons of time on these! So many little details.

I wouldn't have enough patience to draw all that.