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Hiatus/updates randomly. Don't read this if you like instant gratification. orz


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Wow, I'm really liking this comic! ♥ Hope you still plan to continue...
i hope you're alright!! > . <
i'm loving that ollie guy :3

i was also at the stage when i'm also mistaken 2-3 years younger my real age OTL at least now i'm ONLY mostly mistaken as the younger sibling when i'm with my younger sister XD (it's the height dammit XD) so yeah i feel Seth's sensitivity lol though looking younger than you usually are has its perks :>

anyway, hope you'll get better real soon T^T it's not good to be sick AND be stuck with 'family drama' at the same time haha ^ _ ^;; hang in there! :D happy holidays ^ 0 ^
i just spent way too much time reading all of this..and it's all your fault for making it sooo amazing XD aha
Oh family drama. Why is it always worse around the holidays?
December 23rd, 2011
. . .
btw Seth's actually only a year younger than Cam & Nico (who are 18); he just looks a lot younger & is . . . pretty sensitive about it.

I'm in San Diego for the weekend, visiting relatives. & still sick. Let's see if I survive the family drama lol orz
Anyway, happy holidays! :D
December 21st, 2011
Yeah, that's not a 180 from the first time you guys met. Not at all Seth. Totally normal and not suspicious at all. I wouldn't hold it against Nico to bitch slap him.

I feel ya on the being sick part. I got the flu from some a-holes at work. Hope ya feel better soon.
tch fidgety nervous lil squirrel is what you are Mr. Seth Blake ( ̄o ̄)

get better soon :o
December 21st, 2011
i've been wanting to see those two in color!! :D
seriously! "nico-appreciation page" should happen! XD those fair lashes~~and striking LIME GREEN EYES! (* o *)
i love cam's grey eyes too :) and his "back off he's mine..don't worry nico, i'll protect you" look lol <3
( ´ ▽ ` )♡

@livun: what else but XD
Really, I love yout for this ;A;
I love Nico's long and light cowlashes, and it's so nice to see those eyes of his with some colour!
December 21st, 2011
Whatever! This very nicely colored! I like soft, natural tones. Feels very romantic style, I love it!
yeesh, someones getting handsy. Not suspicious at all..

I hope you feel better D: I caught a cold as well. I blame the kid who sneezed on me the Friday before break :'D
D= Sorry to hear about your cold. Happened to me last year, the second day of break. Sucks.
Anyway, beautiful page as always. ^^
Feel better.
I wonder if he's really that naive, or he does know what effect he has on Cam and does it to tease him...?
December 18th, 2011
*nosebleed x__x*
lol nico is def not shy but he's pretty naive too (or he's just such a tease XD)

cam is srsly cute when he's all worked up haha (i bet he's pretty much half naked under his blankie too lol)

nico's face ish shooo cuuute in the 10th and last panel ^o^
d'aww :(
but frustrated angsty cam is cute XD
nico in the fourth panel looks funnily scary lol

yay!it's our xmas break too! :D
December 18th, 2011
this is me giggling & trying not to have a full on mental breakdown at how adorable/pathetic this page is. It's not going well. /rereads 12 more times
jejejejjejej XD now i understad everything>!! XD
awwww cute!! Cam is shy!! X3 jejeje and a little horny XD
LOL, nw i love Nico even more!!
December 16th, 2011
well this reaction is a little . . .
morning after events of c1, btw.

I got a cold somehow on the third day of break, it's great. щ(ఠДఠщ)


@Clouds.Of.Rabbits: yeah, these things always seem to happen at the most inconvenient time . . . >:I
thank you & I hope I do!

@SomethingisAmisss: unfortunately Seth is not exactly an expert actor XD;
get well soon! people shouldn't make others sick :|

@sekichiku: later in the chapter you'll find out he has a lot to be nervous about :D
thanks c:

@sunlily: fortunately for Seth, Nico's too surprised by the sudden turnaround to do anything (before Seth runs off lol)
man what is it w/ people passing germs on to others. 8| I hope you get better too, the flu's worse than a cold!
December 16th, 2011
just pretend this drawing doesn't exist
for some reason they're really difficult for me to CG. Maybe it's the contrast. WELL WHATEVER

next page in a minute.


@Myung: thank you, I'm happy you like it & that it looks romantic!

@sinkdownslowly: glad you like it, light eyelashes are hard for me to draw too, for some reason. c:

@sekichiku: what might be on a Nico appreciation page lol . . .
Cam tries not to show anything, but sometimes he can't help it. XD