Magical Renegades

(Full title: Magical Renegades ~ Anathema to Commonsense)

In The State of Confusion, time periods and magical girl wannabe heroes collide, causing a revolution after a megalomaniac's time travel scheme leaves everyone stuck in the past!

The "heroes", whom are best described as rebels without a clue, must fight the League of Paine, and all while preventing another collapse of the space-time continuum!

Our "heroes" have a lot of catching up to do to be able to challenge the League of Paine's power, since its leader stole one of the most powerful magical weapons of them all.

However, they aren't the only threat to the space-time continuum. There is a superweapon sealed away that is even more powerful, and sought out by other factions.

Follow the tale of our "heroes" who don't know the odds stacked against them, or just don't care! Sometimes, power isn't everything. Sometimes, a *ahem* "hero" must think outside of the box even if it means going against commonsense!


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Sorry I was late publishing this. I experienced a lot of ongoing stress over the past few weeks. It wasn't bad enough to make me miss an update, but the worst of it was a few days ago, and it made me physically sick. I had to spend a couple of days just recovering from it. I'm back now, and plan to publish the next page on the weekend as scheduled.
And speaking too soon again? Wielding an experimental magical weapon sounds awesome until this happens at the worst time!
Explaining things in the middle of a fight can be difficult…
Don't you hate when that happens? You're ready to leave when the enemies you thought you defeated attack again?
...Or knocked them out of the sky? As Katt and Aurora learned: Transformation is a free action, and a flashy enough sequence can subdue foes!
Initiation is complete, and the codename for Katt's mage alter-ego is revealed! Aurora is Renegade Midnight, and this hasn't been revealed in the comic itself yet, but Susie Mae is Renegade Liberty (as liberty is a shade of blue). I was originally going to go with Renegade Scarlet for Katt, but then ended up being a toss-up between Scarlet, Crimson, Carmine (would've also made a joke about the odds being stacked against her even more, as I found out that carmine is the shade of red worn by the Redshirts), and Red Alert. I decided that Red Alert would be the most fitting.
The transformation scene finishes on the next page, and the codename of her alter-ego will be revealed!
I had another tough week, and it's been feeling easier to upload pages on the weekend. I haven't decided if this will be a permanent change, or to back to updating on Wednesdays once my life and workload return to normal. This was a fun page for me to draw. This page and the one before it were closely based off of some of the final pages I made for the previous rewrite before scrapping it.
First Magical Renegades update of the year, and what a way to start it! Sorry for the late update. I had a rough week, but I've finished page 86 already and can get it posted on time. I hope everyone's New Years Day went well!
This will probably be the last update for the year, and what a year it has been. Nearly everyone I know said it was great or terrible, with little in between. One of the upsides in my life this year was getting the ability to update this comic regularly, finally having more time and energy for it. Tough work schedules that left me exhausted made it difficult last year, and hardships in my life making it difficult the year before. I still dealt with some challenges in my personal life, but I didn't have to go on a hiatus because of them again.
I was so busy and exhausted from work last week that the last page was late, but I still was able to ensure that I'd get today's page up on time. The initiation scene is about the farthest the previous version of the comic went before I rebooted it a few years ago. I felt sad about that decision, but I always want to keep moving forward.
December 7th, 2016
A sneak preview of what's to happen! Katt and Aurora find themselves up against the robots that were tracking down Aurora, and a new, but familiar opponent will also appear!
Alternate title: Transformation is a free action after all?!

This is the end of chapter 3! As I was vectoring this page, I was using normal colors for panels 2 and 3, but wanted to try out more of the dramatic use of contrasting colors in dramatic scenes. Watching more JoJo inspired those color choices.
Sorry this was late, because I was feeling very sick and then an urgent situation arose in my life that I needed to tend to. 2 more pages to go for this chapter!
This was another of my favorite pages to have drawn so far, showing Katt preventing herself from succumbing to the power surge through sheer force of will, taking on its power!
It's been a long time since I drew a page like this! The last ones were pages 27 and 28. I liked experimenting more with psychedelic visuals, glitchy effects, and just how weird I could make it. Recently, I started watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and was inspired by the bold color choices in the dramatic scenes. If I hadn't watched it yet, this page still would've mostly been the same, except I wouldn't have considered changing the colors in the first panel from what they normally would've been.
If this scene were animated, it would've been one of those scenes where slow motion was used for dramatic effect.
A new page! I don't know why all of the other images are broken when I haven't changed anything though. :(

Edit: There was a temporary issue with the other images, but it's fixed now.
I need to work on a cover page, but that shouldn't get in the way of the next update. I'm still trying to get the update schedule back to normal. I'm excited to get to this point, because is where Magical Renegades is really going to be a magical girl series! There were two battles seen so far, in flashbacks. But after a lot of backstory, here's where the premise is about to take off!
...Aurora returns in view! (after being so far away, for so long!)... She is one of the earlier characters that I created. I already knew of the phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, but what inspired me to name a character after it was part of the lyrics of "I Ran (So Far Away)"!

I apologize for the text wall on this page, even if it's in the form of a chat log. Aurora, or another time traveler brought a computer back to the past, and people tried to recreate it. The 19th century equivalent of dial-up in this situation may be trying to transmit internet communications over a telegraph line, and the computers may all be powered by giant steam-powered generators. How much more advanced would computers be today then because of that?