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Random explainations for random idiots

The only comic to tell the universe it's secrets and to answer requests.
Ask any question and it will be answered.

Random crap of the week: When in doubt, leave, Doubt is the worst city in the world.
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Accepting Author Applications

Must be able to answer any questions possible.
Not even half kidding.
As a test, you must answer this question in a pm
"If, at one point on Earth, a black hole is created, then is there anyway to prevent the utter destruction of the solar system?"
"If, "IT" were to happen at this very moment would anyone in your realm be affected?"
"What three parts are there to any organism of this world or other wise?"
"The universe was created by what process, explain reasoning.

I know all the correct answers to these questions and will accept you if you can make a respectable answer.

There's a sign on bonus!! it a meat organ?
It might be a meat organ.
Apply as a Co-Author
The only comic to tell the universe it's secrets and to answer requests.
Ask any question and it will be answered.

Random crap of the week: When in doubt, leave, Doubt is the worst city in the world.

Recent Comments

November 27th, 2011
You buy this, yes?
Welp, you heard the wisp
I command all ten of you to ask a question now.

If I keep rambling, I'm gonna' say something I'm not allowed to say and I'll be attacked again.
November 3rd, 2011
@kinny-man: He's not talking about THAT game, he's talking about: THIS: game.
November 3rd, 2011
Nobody Wins The Game.
Those are the Rules.
Anything saying otherwise is a lie.
And it just makes you loose more due to acknowledging The Game.
November 2nd, 2011
You got 350 on Escape didn't you?
November 2nd, 2011
I Have Won!
Remember This Day Well, For It Is The Day That I Won The Game!
And the rambling continued
There are currently 10 of you (give or take a few) out there, do you seriously have nothing to ask.

I mean come on, I'm grasping at straws here with this history, and history is all summary.


EDIT: Lol, Smackjeeves can't speak Greek.
Πάρτε αυτόν τον smackJeeves
@kinny-man: Genius!
I'm off!
Hey, Tilo! If you wanna get more people asking questions, join Record in the Breaking.

There we go!
Ramblin' til I get questions
... if you don't read the books.
Anyway, ask any question below or note any possible inaccuracies you may find pertinent.

Also, Alt text is a song, but song is not human.

Blah blah blah
Generic comment
Blah blah blah
Blah blah blah
Meme photo
Ruhm zum machtigen preussischen Reich
Well, more ramblings from myself aren't necessarily a bad thing I guess.
You humans do need to brush up on your history lessons after all, you have been missing for so much of it.

The Pel are all in on the Earthean conspiracy by the way.
And so am I.

Ask a question and maybe the matrix won't find you.
@kinny-man: Good Eye, That's mostly true.
The technique Tempora gifts upon her [clients? chosen? associates?] is not actually survivable by a human, under normal circumstances, and was not intended for humans to use.

However, after the first death, precautions were made. The time freeze power adjusts to the user; depending on their needs, it can: 1. freeze only organized particles (Life forms and planets are the most affected, air, light, and stars are mostly unaffected), freeze the person using the power (existing in one moment of time, very complicated but basically means that the universe is exactly like it would be at that moment, even with nothing moving) or freeze in bubbles (a bubble of chained freeze time is created around the user, so all conditions within the bubble will move through time normally [temp., atom placement, etc.] but living beings are treated as static entities).

You could also use the power she gives to get a contract with Luck, who allows you conditional immortality which covers up the whole DEATH BY ABSOLUTE ZERO thing.

Also, Tempora manages time, so even if they die mid freeze, she can just start the flow back up again.
I call bullshit! If stopping time halts physics, then it would stop Thermodynamic and Thermonuclear reactions; reducing the area to Absolute Zero temperatures, killing you in a millionth of a second and preventing Time from resuming!
Any clarifications needed?
Any Bullshits to call?
State either here or ask questions.
There are contract breaking conditions as well
For condition 1: Murder and suicide disqualify you for Death's contract.
For condition 2: Any amount of superior douche-icocity will disqualify you for my contract.
For condition 3: Any level of time Paradox creation will earn the wrath of Tempora... and disqualify you for her contract.
For condition 4: Nothing (get it? but seriously, nothing)
For condition 5: Alliance with Dragons of any sort will disqualify you for Drakon's contract.
October 8th, 2011
@TiloXofXTanto: PSSSSST, me, "boting" is spelled "boRing"
October 8th, 2011
Little Star, glowing by my side.
2 things
1. Song is:
2. Answer is, overdue... Damn you time!

...Yeah so Truckin' keep on doin' that humans.
@kinny-man: No, not the one which beats in your chest, the "metaphysical" (It's just as physical as that rock over there is, it just exists between the "ethereal" existence and the "physical" existence tether that binds your soul to your body...
Should you have one, you'd be surprised how many humans don't have souls...
You're probably safe though, it's mostly the normal people.

But there is no direct harm in consuming the (screw English, the technical term for The Heart is Vice) Vice of a human being (most of you don't use them, your brain is a soul emulator[lol humans are soul pirates]).
Also, you can't transplant Vice'l (plural form), and most animals only have marginally larger Vice'l.

Plus, Vice'l taste like Moose meat.
How I know this I'll never know.
Dammit Atnis, stop telling me about your heart eating escapades!

EDIT: and all tech used to enlarge the Vice is magic dependent or requires the use of Reality Bending.
What about using medical or scientific means to expand ones heart?
Or hell, getting a transplant using the heart of a much arger animal? Thats been done before.
I dun' wanna eat peoples hearts. Bleugh.