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Fillers fillers.

what are they about?

I don't know.

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Comment on Inglorious Return
WellyCollins, 18 Aug 2014 02:49 am
Always look the bright side of life~
Always look on the light side of life~
For life is quite absurd, and death's the final word~
You must always face the final curtain with a bow!
Forget about your sin! give the audience the grin, enjoy it's your last chance for an hour~
So always look on the bright side of death~
Just before you draw your terminal breath~
Comment on Ah, Sweet Memories
Sam123, 05 Aug 2013 12:01 pm
Nice Minecraft art
24 hours of work? well it was all worth it
Comment on Just Some Random Drawings
Sam123, 05 Aug 2013 11:58 am
Very Cute
It's a nice start. drawing when you are boring is fun to do.
Comment on I found this (Saint U)
ThePuzzledBoy, 20 Jul 2013 11:47 am
@Sonic_Boom: I'm sorry, there's a lot of "broken image" errors here in this comic and also I've only been on SmackJeeves since the around the beginning of the year. Honest!
Comment on Guess where I'm going?!
ThePuzzledBoy, 20 Jul 2013 12:23 am
"When this baby hits 88 MPH...
"you're gonna see some serious shit."
Comment on Gyoshi trio Fusion -Gyoshi-
ThePuzzledBoy, 20 Jul 2013 12:11 am
1) deh hell?
Comment on tis was my first filler on smackjeeves! - Djoing
ThePuzzledBoy, 19 Jul 2013 11:45 pm
@Djoing: Or you can watch The Golden Mushroom on Newgrounds to get that reference.
Comment on Sonic X Eggman ?????
ThePuzzledBoy, 19 Jul 2013 11:30 pm
This was done out of the Power Rings Fan Fic Generator, wasn't it?
Comment on I found this (Saint U)
Sonic_Boom, 19 Jul 2013 11:18 pm
@ThePuzzledBoy: It took you 3 years to come up with that? The image wasn't broken at the start, I was simply telling whoever put the image up that it wasn't working anymore.
Comment on I found this (Saint U)
ThePuzzledBoy, 19 Jul 2013 11:17 pm
@Sonic_Boom: Well no s_ _ _, Sherlock, why don't you go announce that to your whole neighborhood?


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