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This is a story of Shade son of Shadow The Hedgehog and Tikal The Echidna. He has an unknown limit of Chaos Energy thanks to his parents. He has been on many adventures. He is a strong warrior hybrid. He has the strength and will of both the Hedgehog Race and the Echidna Race. However he is a descedant of the King of Echidnas' through his mother and her father Pachacamac. He thought it was just the Knuckles tribe but his grandfather revealed that from his line it is of the Ancient Echidna Empire that is somewhere in The Multiverse. But there is an ancient prophecey that says when the King returns he shall fight his ancestor who is forever known as The Emperor of all Echidnas' the younger brother of the greatest Echidna King Gachacamac that battled his brother for the Empire. The battle shall determine not the fate of The Echidna Empire but, the Multiverse itself. For The Emperor will want to control the entire Multiverse like nearly did over 10,000 years ago by Earth's time. Follow Shade as he uncovers his destiny and finds what he really is for his connection to the Negativity of the Emeralds is a mystery...

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@Anima The Dragonfox: Die now? It died like 1-2 years ago. Sadly it's "been" dead. I wish this came back as much as i wish Two Evil Scientists came back.
uhh did it die?
this didn't die did it? this is waaaaay to good of a comic to just die now
welcome to hell
Welcome to the first stages of dealing with your wife being pregger :D
the chronicles of Shade
I created a continuation of this comic and this link here:
I'm just beginning, but I hope you enjoy this sequel.
I created this account today.
September 13th, 2011
poor maria:(
is it going any farther
Team Re-color!!! Team Original!!!!
super chao
March 31st, 2011
Nazo unleashed quote!!!!!
super chao
March 31st, 2011
I sense that in the future there will be attempted rape
How could they be there? They`re forms of sonic.
*sings thriller but says filler instead of thriller*
OMG shadow is going to kill him!!!!!
Dont worry your chaos spear is still better then my crap
I know!!!!!!
Reading about shadow being depressesd makes me feel depressed.
February 2nd, 2011
been a while since you updated well the important thing is that your not dead
February 2nd, 2011
no nuts...(grabs a ray gun)..or else!
So a total redo eh? I'm game. I'm probably one of the longest reading fan still reading but How you feel about a story is important. Where you want to go with it and how you tell is important. and since this is a "dead comic" as you put it then reformatting the story isn't a doesn't every good character have more than one story of how they lived?
My opinion: restart, but make the plot similar to the one now, without all the rushing and god-modding that you put in.

Main and major bits: And maybe not put in all the legends and gods and stuff. Though interplanetary stuff is good, whether it's colonising or already inhabited.

Mephiles is a good character, so still have him.

Minor bits: Maria's name should be changed, so as to stop confusion. Maybe even just make it similar; Marian for example. As you are restarting the comic, take this chance to make sprites for shade that are not the shadow android.