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Insert Witty Title Here

by PikaMario99
Basically, a random comic where I get to do whatever I want.

There will be plot occasionally, but mostly just really random stuff that pops into my head.
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9 Years Ago

Insert Witty Title Here

Basically, a random comic where I get to do whatever I want.

There will be plot occasionally, but mostly just really random stuff that pops into my head.

Recent Comments

awwww, no more story arcs?
uh, ya think!?
ANd now that said 100th comic is out, this comic is slightly redundant... well, not really. The two beat panels add something that the version in my full comic couldn't fit.
Well, I have to hand it to you for making four panels of humor out of the two I sent you.

Thing is, though, the two panels were intended for usage in my 100th comic as two panels... I mean, it works as a standalone, but now I'll probably be accused of stealing when the comic comes out.

Also, in my comic, Braneless and Branemore (and non-canon Orange and Purple) had already moved on a while ago. Heck, the entire quest is in its final segment. I guess this would really be just a bonus scene, then.

Um... yeah.
I've learned my lesson. No more story arcs. This comic just can't handle it.
there is a sparta TN
there is a picture of kvts is in the backround
After commenting last week on how difficult it is to write dialogue, I decided to use less of it today.
August 2nd, 2009
If I've ever insulted a writer for anything ever, I apologize. Writing good dialogue is HARD.
Look it up on Google or something.

How long do you think it will take to get there from pickering?
In case you can't tell, Pichu's a bit paranoid about aliens. Seems to be justified now.

Also, if Gigatron's text is getting hard to read, let me know and I'll fix it.
I was wondering when you were going to update a comic.

About the crossover, I had to skip the rest of that because I wanted to get to the boss already after months of filler/hiatus. Sorry.
Ducktor brain was supossed to be the main antagonist of an old comic I made long before I started KvtS. He would have H as his secret double agent giving him progress reports on what these idiots were doing, and would constantly sent his mix-and-match pokémon minions to attack them.

Of course, a combination of my laziness and a general dislike of the comic on account of its similarity to another on the same forum prevented me from doing any of that.
Did you know?
Aside from Jirachi's comment, all of the things mentioned were supossed to be important plot points in the comic these characters came from.
Well, that's... that's a bit anticlimatic.
Next time...
Who is at the door? Why is there a Pichu and a Flygon in my house? Why did Pichu want the guitar? What am I asking these stupid cliché'd questions for? Well, you're probably not going to find out the answers to any of these questions next time. Except the first one, of course.
Oh, yeah.

This comic was supossed to be a filler for my other series.
Three kinds of text bubbles...... lol
I loved working on this.