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EC's home of random entertainment

by Eternal Cry
Kind of like "Sandbox", I post random things here including but not limited to:
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6 Years Ago
Kind of like "Sandbox", I post random things here including but not limited to:

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@Daniel Sokolov: XDDD. Yea, sorry I just vanished. Life kicked me in the ass and I've been trying to maul it back ever since.
Ohey you're not dead!
... Except I knew you weren't dead from seeing your comments on comics...
so in fact, I always knew you were alive!
So what I'm trying to say is!
"hi i may check out dem sites"
I'm gonna say right now, I'm sorry if any of you saw this and was all "Oh cool, she updated!"

While my years as a sprite comic maker were fun, I'm turning 20 tomorrow and I work full time at a shitty job, which doesn't give time for sprite making.

It does, however, leave time for a very kickass site called "ROBOTIC UPRISING", which is a Megaman Classic RP site that is very good. We have a large cast of canons[Yes, first and second gens ARE currently available] up for grabs and after a month or two of being a member, OCs are accepted if they're reasonable.

Robotic uprising is a very friendly place, we encourage literacy but as people, we're all really chill. We're primarily on Skype but there is a flash chatbox available on the side and there's always someone online.

If Megaman Classic isn't your thing, RU has a Sister site, which is Megaman ZX based, Called "The Reset", based on the final line of dialogue in one of the endings of Advent. It runs by the same ruleset at RU, except OC Biomatches are okay from the get-go.

If megaman in general isn't your thing, there is one more site, a third sister affiliated with RU and TR, which was created and run by me, "Clockworks RP site", which is a steampunk based Original character only site[Expys are accepted shamelessly, though.]

If you have any questions, or just wanna pop into the chatbox and say "Hi", here are the site URLS:

Robotic Uprising:
The Reset:

All the sites have DA groups in which give a general overvew of the site and lists members and method of application. You can find the links to these groups in the sidebar of the main site.

My Skype handle is "theopticalmouse" and my E-mail is I'm constantly on both when I'm not at work, so if you have any questions, pop me a message!

We really want more members, and don't worry if you don't think you're good at RP. We accept all skill levels and are more than willing to help you along.
Hey, I have decided to take the 100 themes challange on Deveiant Art using the written word. For those of you intrested in reading what I write(Which is much better than many of my failed comic attempts, I assure you), then follow this link and give me a watch. If you don't want to make a DA account just to give my sorry hide a watch, then just stick the link in your favorites box on your browser.

In the meantime. Here's a random picture I threw together using the picture tube tool on my paint program.
Is it evil for me to literaly LOL in real life at seeing that face? XDDDD
I want that cat! =D
Demodivational. I think.
where the **** did u faind this?!
Many men were lost... But oh so many boners were had!
oh god..oh....oh god...just...oh god....uuh
Ah, a mission for only the best and bravest of soilders.
September 26th, 2011
It wasn't that bad a picture...
And now I know what happens afte rI went!
You forgot yugi
It's a valid rule of thumb.
Eternal Cry
September 25th, 2011
Someone give that meat packer a fuckin' metal.
Eternal Cry
September 25th, 2011
This is from a zombie survival browser game called "Die2nite"

Sometimes, we get griefers who will randomly start issuing complains to people, for no reason. The rule is, if you get seven complaints, you are "exiled" from your town. You can't work on buildings, or take things from the bank. This was one such case, and, well....

Anyway, I am "Shear" in that image.
Eternal Cry
September 25th, 2011
For those of you puzzling over it, I do believe there is a variation of this picture buried somewhere in the showcase.
Nuff' said.
I had nightmares after this one.