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Punk Complex

by Sho-Shonojo
This comic is on Hiatus, probably for the rest of the eternity.

Any updates will be character information or drawings for scenes that I always wanted to get to, but never will.
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On Hiatus
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8 Years Ago
This comic is on Hiatus, probably for the rest of the eternity.

Any updates will be character information or drawings for scenes that I always wanted to get to, but never will.

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November 27th, 2011
Hi guys.
(if you'd like to skip through all my drivel, scroll down to the SHORT VERSION below)

You probably forgot about this comic, or at least I hope you have so that this new post doesn't get your hopes up that this is continuing because it's sadly not the case. If I did accidentally excite you feel free to pelt me with stones, but please hold them until after I finish this announcement

Some of you may remember that nearly a year ago I announced that I was writing a new project and asked for beta readers. I apologize to those who volunteered to be beta readers and then I never sent you anything. I'm sorry. But over the year the story has gone through many changes from what I planned to send you so I think things worked out ok.

Anyway (this is getting kind of long winded) I just wanted to announce that my new project will be going live in just a few minutes and I wanted to let you all know in case you might have some interest in it.

This new story is also the story of two men falling in love but takes place in a fantasy style world. There will be betrayal, there will be bloodshed, there will be swords, and there will be gay love. If these sound like your kind of thing then I encourage you to check it out.

SHORT VERSION: New fantasy/yaoi comic. Check it out:
Ok, could be a bug. I'll send you the first part when it's ready. Thanks for the interest!
I tried to pm....and I FAILED!
Greetings valued readers. Thank you as always for continuing to read Punk Complex, or rather, continuing to flip through it.

As I believe I mentioned, I am moving on from Punk Complex to work on a larger project. Before that project begins I would like to write out the entire story and work through plot holes and other bad ideas before putting it into comic form. This is where you come in.

I would like to know if anyone would be interested in reading the knew story as I write it and giving me some feedback on it. The story is still a yaoi, but takes place in a fantasy setting. This story will include very little humor so if you like funnies I would not suggest volunteering. Story will include death, betrayal, sword fighting and more.

If you are interested in reading the rough drafts as I write them please PM me. I would like your honest opinions in this matter. I am offering this up because I want to make this story the best that it can be and I want to clear up any issues ahead of time to insure that this comic will survive from start to finish. Anyone who cannot offer a reasonable amount of feedback will be dropped from receiving drafts.

Lazy readers option: If you would like to receive previews of my fantasy comic idea in order to CRITIQUE them please send me a PM.

Thank you very much I hope to hear from some of you in the future.
July 18th, 2010
As the story was supposed to go Putnar was in love with Anthony but didn't want to tell him because of whatever the consequences might be. Due to some big misunderstanding he actually starts dating a girl as a cover-up, (she eventually becomes David's girlfriend) all the while inviting Anthony over and cooking him dinner and stuff.

Eventually Putnar gets tired of lying to himself and everyone and confesses to Anthony and kisses him. Anthony doesn't take it to well and ends up leaving because he feels betrayed by his friend. Something about everyone trying to get close to him for ulterior motives rather than just wanting to be friends.

But, he eventually comes back. He can't stop thinking about it and he wants to give it a shot. One condition, he doesn't want anyone else to know about it for fear of them judging him and getting kicked from the foot ball team.
July 12th, 2010
Posting this old picture of Soda is a thousand times more embarrassing than posting that old picture of Putnar. Nice lack of style is horrendous and I much prefer him with his mohawk.

So, this is the first picture I ever drew of Soda which dates back to 2004. His original name was Sotachowa, but since it made him sound like he was of Native American origin (or just that he had some made up name) I decided to change it to Sodan, which sounds much more reasonable. Plus I can still call him Soda (which is of course a reference to Soda Pop from that book the Outsiders.)

Soda was originally created as Putnar's only love interest. He kinda swooped in while Putnar was getting picked on in school. Eventually the two of them ran away together and I don't know where that went.

In the newest rewrite of Punk Complex Soda sings in a band. He's the male vocalist and there is a female vocalist as well. I don't think I had officially decided this until I heard the song Hero by Skillet. Though Soda's voice isn't as ruff.

Soda belongs to a rich family. His mother is in fashion design and is rarely home but still is very concerned with what Soda does with his life. Though she doesn't like that he plays music, she would much rather have a hand in it, than have him play it behind his back.

For this reason, after Putnar and Soda were going to hook up in the comic, Soda's mom would move her and her son to Britain where she could pursue further in her own job and hook Soda's band up with some people she had connections with. It also got Putnar out of the picture, which she was never fond of anyway.

Despite all this Putnar and Soda would stay together until Soda's band released their first album and he made the decision to leave his overbearing mother and return to the states to be with Putnar. Soda shows up at Putnar's high school graduation to surprise him and the rest is history.
About Putnar
This is one of the oldest pictures of Putnar I could find to show you guys. Somewhere there is one I drew of him and his brother in MS Paint way back when, but I couldn't find it. This one here was drawn back in 2004. He's over six years old now!

Here you can see that his design included wolf ears he also had a tail and wolf feet. As you can see, he wasn't originally intended for this story at all. Putnar was originally the son of an OC I made up when I was about 10 years old (I'm almost 21 now!). She was a princess who ended up marrying werewolf of sorts. He also had a brother named Balkar. Putnar's name actually comes from the book The Sight by David Clement-Davies and is actually the wolven name for all the animals. When I decided to recycle the character for this story, I couldn't bare to change his name! So he was the only one with a weird name in this story.

While the original story he came from set him and his family in a fantasy world, modern day roleplays I did with my friends made me create an alternate version of all of them. Putnar ended up becoming an angsty teenager who ran away from home with his boyfriend because he feared rejection from his parents. He was teased by the jocks in school and Soda was the only one who stood up for them.

It wasn't until I read Honeydew Syndrome(it's awesome and it's on smackjeeves go read it!) that I began to like the angle of Putnar actually having a crush on a jock and through a whole day of contemplating the idea while I cleaned my room, i decided to start Punk Complex.

Due to new role his family would play in the story, I gave him a whole new one and struck out on this new course and, well.... we all know how that went.

I hope to put up some more information about the characters, though Soda is the only one that is gonna have a picture as ancient as this one. Most of the cast for this story was made up as I went. I hope you enjoyed reading about him.

@Dragon_Majo: Unfortunately I will be scrapping this project. It's been troublesome for quite sometime when I really only began it as a practice shot anyway. I'm not done comicing though! I have bigger projects in the making. I'm just going to make sure I'm more prepared for those ones.
There are plenty of excuses I could give for why this page isn't finished. I could say I didn't have time in my busy schedule or some of the frames were giving me trouble but I have to come out and say that the real reason it isn't done is because I've lost my connection to this story.

Don't get me wrong, I love the characters and their lives just as much as I did back when I came up with this over two years ago. But since then they've kind of gotten away from me and although I have a vague idea of the plot, this story is in no way prepared for me to tackle.

All I could think about while trying to draw this was what I was going to do with the plot and how things were going to work out and how I could make this easier on myself.

In other words it just isn't fun anymore. Punk Complex is on Hiatus almost indefinitely.

On a lighter note I was wondering. If I decide to hold a a fan art contest with commissions as prizes in "celebration" would anybody be interested? Since I won't be drawing comic pages anymore, I'll probably over at least three commission prizes. So, if you're interested leave a comment and we'll get this underway.
June 25th, 2010
i dont think it looks plain.. perhaps just really white in comparison, the first panel, and second to last, have a lot of shading and darkness, whereas the rest is mainly just white. i like it, and i would not call it plain.
June 25th, 2010
Added a gradient to the first panel to try to make the sky and water more obvious. While I think it succeeded, now the rest of the page looks really plain. :/

June 17th, 2010
Hopefully it is obvious that this is a brief flashback. >.>
@momothegreat: Shading.... I'm too lazy! I should have looked at a photo reference I guess. o3o
i think itll look moar liek a beech
if it was a little shaded in or somethin? idk x'D

i hope those lumpy things ar either waves or icecream o-o

...firsties betch >u>
/flails randomly nd agrees with LSW~
2nd panel win, mon ami ;D
SOMEONES' ever the happy little fag today, arent they? 8D
i bet his pinkies' up too xDD
major<3 x]
random dood in bed; BUTTSMEX TIEM?!
jk, but srsly o_e i just dont liek pplz in my room x'D
Ze Nails<3
Oh god he looks so happy and adorable! <3

Love this so far ^w^
That looks like a beach right? It's supposed to be a a beach. :|

And thanks for the comments as always. :3 I'm glad you guys are enjoying the story so far, I hope you like where it goes!