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can someone please fight me
I don't remember making any of these....
Random blurs really don't mean that much when you don't see anything happening.
dude can i join
Hello? Sorry I haven't posted a comic, haven't had access to all nessecary things. I'm here now though
Let me >:)
You trained me well ultimate! NOw the new hedgehog dread will join and fight you!
I'll fight you.
Hey guys!Can I join ?
You went off like that at Teel for one thing?

Anyway I have to be honest...I roflmao at that list. It was meen but hystericle.
Yeah, practice practice practice is all I can say.
yeah i know...
You didn't make that.
You recoulored it.
So that technically dosen't count.
thanks for the tips and i did the saber action myself

PS some one fight me... besides my little brother snaps

PSS actually my first sprite sheet ever made was dark amy
Nice sheet, attacks a little godmodded though.
and coop I beileve this is his first sheet on his own. Custom spines can take a while to get used to so Ultimate, don't rush but practice. AND really, don't use ultimate the name is a little godmodded.

But all in all it's a good sheet.
It may be Ultimate, but is it Epic?

Also, those sword sprites look a LOT like my old sword sprites.
Alright so...
-make your own spikes don't use sonics
-just cause you have bangs an clothes doesn't make you an edit it makes chu a minor edit
-use a more original name....thats not godmoded
-and don't make SFX bigger to make it look awsomer
Hmm....I have missed too much.
I should keep visiting this site more often than BYOND now.
I will fight you
I've been itchin for a second fight, and I'd do it for free
Maybe, if you pay me 10 bucks.