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Read Me. :]
I suck.

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OMG THAT IS HORRIBLE. Yet funny in a demented sort of way XD

This is Eric BTW.
Jesus, I love you.
I thought I'd said this last year when I read this comic, but I'll say it now:
this is the greatest thing I've ever seen and you rock hardcore.
November 8th, 2007
god you're awesome
Alternate ending?!
Originally, after the "So long, suckers!" panel, I was going to have the parents staring at him blankly.

Then him going, "...get it? My umbilical cord. It's long."

Lame, FTW?!
i love hp, but this is sooo funny.
Man, guess the last page was stuck together with another one for me... cause I'm pretty sure he had kids... unless his wife was actually a dude...
I got the mondays!
The Vagina
You're sucha good artist! The Vagina graphics in this comic are the best I've ever seen. A-!
not messed up. freakin' awesome.
woot woot
personally, i think pokemon is probably as punk-rock as mohawks and checkered things... =)
August 2nd, 2007
The High school is only a 2 floor building , and on that note it is only two floor in the south wing not the north wing >.> XD

Anyway, why are there penguins and clowns in the school for that matter? XD
August 1st, 2007
Oh god
Cucumbers as snacks? Truly that is a dwelling of Satan, plus the building looks like a kid with a square head and a giant pimply forehead...
August 1st, 2007
Four Words:
I actually Google'd him. XD
This is like an exact reproduction of every DBZ ep I've seen. Down to the (highly appropriate) use of Wax Lips.
Too damn funny.