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Where I upload any sprites I think others might find useful

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Your gonna' use these in a comic? Might I suggest making them a tad bigger? There kind of small.
Good thing I didn't object, ey? :P
And here it is (I can be quick when I want to =P)
I am using one of these for a comic on Filler House

I hope you're okay with that
See BANG for further details
actually you can...I just forgot how
Cool sprites

I like the bottom pokeball-throwing sprites. Pretty extreme, now try spinning the pokeball on your finger :P
With a hundred thanks to Whip, who made these from his sprites.
actually it means Constructive critism
Comments & Criticism
September 16th, 2009
whats c&c mean? D:
September 16th, 2009
These have always been some really great sprites, no matter the amount of redesigns. I love these ones!
I need C&C on how I can possibly improve this.
V2: Recoloured the hair and made the dress more t-shirty. Added the Milotic har to some of the sprites. C&C still needed.
YAY! c:
CHANGE HAIR COLOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOESN'T GO!!!!!!!!!!
and the visor too the colour scheme just doesnt go with the purple
Is that yours? 'cause if so... pow.
Surprisingly, no. I only did this with Paint.
Seems Photoshopped.
I don't think you can unlock him as a playable...