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Cole can also climb up buildings rather than just running up, which is why he's cooler. But in powers, I'd say Alex is stronger, but Cole can do a lot more than shoot electricity from his hands. He can hit you with a bolt of lighting from a mile away (lighting from the SKY) and is indestructable when near a constant source of electricity, plus he can shoot rockets made of electicity.

I'm starting to think you didn't play Infamous.
Grey wolf
December 1st, 2010
Yeah, i'm prototype all the way.
In Soviet Russia, Alex glomps you.
Maybe he should just eat vegetarians.
Double your weapons every sequel?
MW2 'akimbo' weapons... yeah, I think so.

EDIT: Lol, "Thanks for commenting of Travis's Hands."
@ Demizeus
Whaaaaat I've been reading that series along with playing AC2 how can I NOT miss that little detail. O.o
December 29th, 2009
Well ezio can hide with prostitutes to..... He just has to pay them (crap that sounds rong!)
In ac bloodlines there's a truth file and the title of it is behold the assassins or something and it has pictures of roman/greek gods giving birth, so the orginal assassins are demigods (half god half human) and if u read percy jackson and the Olympians it means all the people in camp half-blood are assassins :D
:,( I miss Altair and his awsomeness and Desmond and his child likeness and ezio with his italian sexiness
December 29th, 2009
Pink *shudders* oh how I hate that color *shoots electricty from fingers and laughs minacaly*
December 29th, 2009
These characters keep reminding me of Desmond from ask Altair!!! I miss his childnessness
Some days I'll go all day with shoes on other days I only wear them when going out, but when I sleep I can't have anything on my feet (but sheets)
Lol it does look like desy!!!
December 29th, 2009
*waves* hi I'm <insert name here> how's life?
November 17th, 2009
I discovered that Okami has a point where you can draw a design, and it appears all over the city. I hijacked my friend's game when they weren't looking (they hadn't learned of the drawing thing yet) and drew a penis as the design. She freaked out every time she saw it on the wall, and couldn't figure out why it was there xD
...aside from the names, not really...

Though reading Dante's Inferno becomes at least 5 times more lulzy if you imagine it with the cast of DMC.
Wait, I was under the impression that Devil May Cry was based on the Inferno.
didn't like the game, they made the prince stupid, in a doomed attempt to add humour... it failed, and I hope AC2 doesn't overdo it
er... no
AlejandroLestad, Warrior Within sucked
...but WTF are those caltrops doing there?