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Doujinshi I did with my friend. The game called 'Yogurting'.

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January 6th, 2007
very nice comic! ^_^ hope 2c read more! ^_^

ps. i like how you do your line art!
December 26th, 2006
any new comics out soon?
December 16th, 2006
Wow your comic is very well done so far. I am adding you to my watch :)
*is ticked off by 'guest'* I bet its one of those snobs that can't draw a circle and come on the computer to make them feel superior -_-

I love the comic BTW~ ^.^
*tries to slap some sense into 'guest'* If you're criticizing such great work, then you must be one BAD drawer! People only criticize good work cuz they know that they can't draw 1/100'ths as good! So you can shut your mouth right now!

o_o Did I overdue it?
August 3rd, 2006
i want it in book form, T_T i order you to obey me.
Beautiful art and fantastic action scene!
Fav <3
July 18th, 2006
i love the first 3 panels. 'specally no.3
she is kinda like navi. the action is well done! And action is hard fo most of us ya know
Yeah youcan colour it if you like.

You can choose what ever the color you like for esch character, but Hine gotta have Blue hair red eyes. And the outfit can be found here ubMenu=6 and here ubMenu=6
Hey! Nice work! Are you planning on coloring this? 'Cause if not, would you mind if I did? (I'd need like colors of characters of course) (see )

Love the comic so far - pwease update! *shiny puppy eyes*
This picture do not contain all of the characters. And we did his to say that we're sorry. Lamptailer and I could not update any of the comic soon. Please don't kill us
June 27th, 2006
i love it!
you draw so cute!
theres allways room for improvement in everyone so dont worry about buttholes! theyre prob'ly worse thain you! (and are just jelous) OH GOD THE HORRIBLE SPELLING! *cries* my spelling sucks!
Ignore the guests, they're just trolls that like to bash good comics out of jealousy or something. o_o

I'm loving this comic so far, btw. :D
Okay; lets just leave a note here before that Guest guy cause havoc again:

"Lets see you do better! And if you don't like it, don't follow it and leave insulting critisms without reasons pointing to why they're bad!"

That is all.

On the other hand, hi, I'm the new translator here as you might have noticed from page 10 upwards that there was a big change in the way the translated text are layed out ^^
Lets see him/her (Guest) do better, I'm sure he/she can't :D
i love how u draw your effects, great stuff ^^
i love how u draw your effects, great stuff ^^
shut the f*** up guest
its wonderful work.
if you dont like it, go somewhere else. you're not being forced to stay here
yeah, but id have to be on your side of the comp.
and there is now way in hell im gonna be with someone who is so inconsiderate of such good work