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Animosity Sonata

"Be careful of what melody you play on the piano."

©2008-2017 owned by Olivia S.


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Checking on this again. Miss it. I hope you will finish it someday.
I'm glad you are still updating. Keep up the excellent work. :)
I made a quick spring desktop picture of Sadey if you want to download it. Just click on the magnify glass on the top right corner in the link

Also I reopened my shop. For now it has clipart and eventually prints.
I also might go on a small hiatus, not quite sure yet.
Thank you for your support!
A quick little intermission. Here's a link to my short story "Bloom" that I made for my senior project before I graduated from college. It is here:
If you scroll down, it is under "the story" section.
February 21st, 2015
I am glad that you are updating again. :)
February 8th, 2015
Oh Jack, that's the only time you will soften up is when you hear fine music X)
February 1st, 2015
Yeah! Finally had time to post this page. I made it a few months back. In other news, I finally graduated college with a B.A in graphic design :D
Here's my portfolio
November 18th, 2013
Welcome back! Trust me I understand how it can get hectic with school. I've had to put some of my own side projects on hold because school has been taking up so much of my time. It's good to see you're back though :)
September 17th, 2013
I know I'm sorry for the sudden hiatus, I didn't mean to keep you guys hanging. I should've made more time but I got busy with school, and commissions. Which is a lot of work. On top of that I had to drive an hour (sometimes 2 in traffic) to school and another hour back. And I went through emotional highs and lows from pure enlightenment and maturity to boredom and cynicism. But through and through keeping my feet on the ground through it all and appreciating it all in some way or another.

Buut in the end I realized I'm only sabotaging myself when I don't create comic pages because I get a personal satisfaction by making them. yes it takes a lot of brain power and work to create a comic (ALOT because it's like you have to lose yourself to create a whole new world) but overall, it's fun.

It's been exactly one year since my last update…yeah I know :/
So here's the newest page. I sketched some more out that I have to ink. I also shortened the storyline some so I can get this done quicker.
I hope you like it :)
It's been so long since I've last been on this site but you've come really far! I look forward to your next update :) It's getting really good.
Great work as always! Can't wait to see how this plot pans out.
September 16th, 2012
Long overdue update. I update where I can fit it like what I said before :) And yes, I still have the story planned out.

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@greenapple Hey! I'm glad to hear that! And yes it is :)
hey! :)

sorry for disappearing for a while. but i'm back now and i wanted to let you know i still read your comic and i still love it :)

this is one of those pages that give me this creepy nervous feeling. like page 80 for example. which is great because it makes the story much more enjoyable.

and i see a tiny spade in her headband. is it the common decoration here?
I've been pretty busy lately. And my Grandfather has passed away recently as well. So now I update where I can fit it. And yes, I still have the story planned out.

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Kwill is cramping Shawn's style big time! lol XD

There's new fanart in the gallery section if you want to take a look :)

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I've been busy lately with commission work. So I try to get this in where it can fit in :)

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The King's statue was first shown on page 60
Animosity Sonata Updates on Sundays. Not every Sunday but on weeks where I have time. But like I said before, I have the story planned out.
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There's new art of Shawn in the gallery section.

Oh hey happy Mama's day! <3
Like I said before, I have the story planned out :)

Oh and I forgot to tell you, Animosity Sonata has been featured on it's mirror site over at! On the front page! Sweet!

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