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An unusually harsh look at the movies we see

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May 11th, 2013
Just a little dabbling
I have to admit, I haven't really been able to do anything new in a long time and it felt really good to take this from a concept all the way to a final product.
J is simply living out a fantasy. Haven't you ever dreamt of a room of pillows? Or having a trampoline for a bed? Or a bathtub of ice cream? Or a T-Rex as a pet? I say: LIVE THOSE CHILDHOOD DREAMS! Especially the dinosaur one.
i don't get it
Feeding time?
I can conclude with 100% certainty that both are in fact webcomics. You're right, we are similar.
a flame war? can it be true?
@Guest: I've kinda always wanted one of these.
Hello again my friend! You have uncovered a slightly similar chin! Kudos!
And yes! I do know the meaning of ripoff. So if we ever start writing a comic that's about video games, maybe even inserting a cardboard tube samurai...give us a hollar!
Until then, we're waiting to see how the arguments about other comic duos works out (my money is on Abbot and Costello beating Burns and Allen for the title of blink blonk mimminy nimminy...have I been condescending enough?)
@what: Good evening "What"
I love your name. Is it South African? Tres chic.
I didn't realise the phrase "turning left" was not up for grabs. If Jeff Foxworthy beat me to the punch, I apologise for my mental encyclopedia of comedy references failing me. I'm sure Mr. Foxworthy will appreciate the muffin basket I mailed to his assistant.
Snuggles and Skittles!
your D&O pals.

P.S. the joke is that he lost track of his thoughts, not exactly what he said...just putting that out there.
Friendship rainbows sparkles over you
@Guest: Good afternoon "Guest"! A pleasant flaming to you.
So great to hear from someone who has taken time out of their packed schedule to read our little comic here. Cheers.
Sorry to hear about you misunderstanding of the term "ripping off." You see, that actually isn't "Tycho" in the final fact, I'm not sure which you think is the fictional character from Penny Arcade.
Perhaps you mistook our use of two characters speaking to each other (which dates back to the invention of more than one person) as a "rip off" of their comic. Again, so sorry for your misunderstanding of the situation.
Smiles and kittens,
Your friends at Downe and Owte.
you're ripping off penny arcade pretty hard here. especially with tycho's face in that last panel.

btw a ripoff is a cheap, crappy imitation. you know that right?