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We dont need Melissa. We need boys love!
his eyes are so pure and beautiful.
you are killing me right now T,T
@Auldr: oh i rly hope she came clean *fingers crossed*
And now we get to the crux of the issue, and the beauty of this page as a cliffhanger. Did Melissa come clean or will Hayden force the issue by asking Mars to be his trofy? I’m looking forward to seeing this unfold.
Its alive!
OMG Mars take some love while it's been given to you!
I hope he asked him to be his "Big Z" and Yeah the story is back!
😳 Its finally forerealzies?
Not gonna lie I've kinda been waiting for this moment for like... A decade. God damn it hits the heart hard T^T
woop there it is
True confession time. Now we will have to see if Mars can turn the corner.

Thanks so much for keeping this comic going. I’m excited to see every single update.
Yes, yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!
WooHoo! I’m always happy to see an update to this story. Thanks.
@LADYKAZUMI: It's a miracle!
omg you are a live <3
WAIT WOAAAHH. I just had the CRAZIEST theory!! What IF...the reason Melissa was so mad/shocked looking the first time she met Mars was because Mars is Hayden’s zoipan. That’d be interesting. And honestly I’d ship it.
:_ Mars