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Aww! Adorable. It's funny how Hayden and Nate's roles have sort of been reversed.
@Tamerlane: Oh yeah, same, I totally get it! I'm glad you haven't abandoned this story and thanks for the clarification. You're always quite regular with the updates so I was starting to wonder. Looking forward to the next pages :)
@Shiina: No sorry I just kind of got sidetracked. I started working on finishing the next page last night and hopefully will finish it tonight. There's 10 pages that are almost finished so updates should be coming soon.

Thanks for checking in! I need regular prodding or else I'll get nothing done!
Hey, sorry to be a bother but I was wondering if you're in hiatus or?
Horaaay for update!!
I'm so happy you're back with an other update! It's been so long and I wanted to see Hayden's reaction so bad. He's really come a long way since he was a kid eh.
Live had been so busy I forgot about this comic. How could I? I still say it was love at first sight.
November 1st, 2017
If Mars was his Zoipan he wouldn't be halfdead
Shade and Mars are so perfect for each other man
The moment Hayden fell in love. Ha! Went from brotherly to loverly. ;)
good question
October 15th, 2017
I really like it that although it is bl you still brought hetero love in, that's very rare, very nice reading a different kind of bl finally
Oh my fucking god how is Mars so cute I can't! Hayden was such a little bitch though,"hobo kid"... really Hayden? Really?
It's sad that Mars has lost his friendship with Nate. Nate really did look out for him growing up.
They're so damn cute! I want tiny Hayden too! Did he use to bully him or something though?
Shut up, I didn't think Mars could get any cuter! Love that he call Hayden mean.
October 6th, 2017
I'm sorry to hear about the technical difficulties, but I'm glad they didn't keep you out of commission. You have completely hooked me with this story and I enjoy seeing it develop. In my view you've managed to do something very rare: create a novel world that is compelling and gives us a new way of seeing the issues the characters are dealing with. And, I'm in love with Mars and just want him to be happy.
@justw894: I ended up toning it down because Mars looked like a cheetah but he saw kiss marks
Best leave him be.
No, No, NO! he already ha's insecurities about his sexuality now this. WHY!