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@Auldr: I love what you said here. (and to think it's about my own characters) I'm really happy to read that because it means that I was able to convey much of what I wanted to up to this point. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate. Also I hope you are doing well with everything! (and that those stories you were working on are coming along well)
oh my dear sweet mars
he is in between planes right now
When drawing, we are advised to look at negative space and draw from that. Having re-read the last two chapters a few times now, that's what I'm drawn to do. I really feel for Mars. He never asked to fall in love with Nate, be used as a trofy, or be molested by Jason. And now he is seeking comfort but can't find satisfaction. He's crossed the line on his own now, but not with joy or love. He's been through a lot in a few weeks or months. And yet, I find myself drawn to Hayden, the negative shape in this story. Hayden, who's wanted Mars for a long time but never given voice to that desire. He can't seem to admit what he wants, so he takes what he can get instead. He comforts and defends Mars. He's willing to act out as his brother to stay close and fights with Mars to keep him in the house. When the opportunity arises, he's willing to give Mars what he asks for even though it's for all the wrong reasons. For Hayden, too, this is what he wants but not how he wants it. They are both tragic figures and you have made me feel for them both.
why you feel like this babe? U have a new bf now
Good for u Mars
Try to move on sweetheart!!!
Almost finished.
The rest of chapter 9 can be found at Get Up and Go SKETCH. Color pages will eventually be updated here.
I know right?!?!?
@Lord Charos: I thought so to~ as soon as I saw her eyes widen I was like oh dear he is haydens soul mate~
Sleeping Beauty
The sleeping beauty kiss now has the oposite effect~!!!!!!!
i hope he is add least enjoying it emotionally
As much as I love this, it also makes me sad.
oh nooo! whats painful?? the sex itself or the fact that its with hayden? or both?? T-T

ugh this isnt how it should be with those 2 :( there needs to be a mutual love, onesided is too heartbreaking for both of them
Next page please.. :D
this is very hot
I hate that I can't be happy about this. I should be excited that they're doing the do, but there's too much shit still between them and with Nate...argh! It's hot though, not gonna lie.
kind of... fast
I hate that the page looks completely different across monitors. It looks completely different on my monitor than it does on my laptop that I color it in. So frustrating!

Anyway, needless to say it's gonna be NSFW for the next few pages.
let's begin