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These boys need a happy ending. So much pain and longing!
Mars, where are you
(crying, i'm crying)
October 31st, 2018
The emotions are strong in this page. Nicely done :)
Oh Mars, why can't you be honest with Shade for once... *hugs Shade*
i'm really not sure how to respond yet
October 28th, 2018
It is always great to see an update to this story. Thanks so much.
Haydens expressions throughout this scene are just breaking my heart.
@Battle Ravyn, @Shadow: Thanks for your comments. I do plan on continuing this soon. Appreciate you sticking around! See you soon!
Please come back we miss you =(
I really hope you're able to update this soon. I love the world you have created and I would really like to explore it further through your work. So please, I beg you, know that your art and storytelling are amazing, and show us more of your talent. Thank you for creating this and turning me into an addict. =)
I feel bad for both of them. This should have been so much better for them, but the situation was not good at all.
My thought is that Hayden needs to release Melissa from being his trofy before he can get energy from Mars. I’m angry with her about this.
Talk. (stern face)
Thank You!
Yay! I just binge Read this whole comic today and its AMAZEING!
Glad to see you back! <3
Wolf (Guest)
June 23rd, 2018
XD best. Warning screen. Ever!
Sorry for the latest disappearing act. I should be back for a while.

I started livestreaming in order to give me some motivation. So far I've streamed the coloring of this page. It helps me to work on it. I'll post the link on the main page the next time I go live.

Thanks for reading!