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@Metric_muse: yep this chapter is chock full of flashbacks
@Metric_muse: yes its a flash back
im really confused by this whole scene.. is it supposed to be a flashback or something?

i definitely missed something >.<
Yup, poor guy. He is going to get his heart broken again so soon!
@Tranquil: you have good reason too. he is just using him
so awkward. i feel bad for some reason not happy for them
;; u ;;
Awe, this makes me feel bad for Mars like he has to beg for a kiss. Poor Mars.
August 13th, 2017
bagging for a kiss. poor thing
@justw894: yep that's right. I try to put black borders around all flashback or dream sequences
oh i get it this is a flash back
@Tamerlane: If you're dreading this next bit, I'm really worried for Mars. It's bad enough that he can't see how Nate has lied to him and used him without any consideration of the impact on him, and so internalises the guilt for everything that happens. I hope he's able to turn the corner and see himself as someone worthy of love and respect whether it's from humans or skonomans and regardless of whether he is a trofy or zoipan or just friend or lover.
Marshall looks so different without blonde hair and it being down
Sorry it's taking so long to update. I think I'm dreading some things...
yes! update
Oh noes ;A;
i reaally dislike Melissa now, she's trying to hang on when she knows she should not.
@Auldr: I love what you said here. (and to think it's about my own characters) I'm really happy to read that because it means that I was able to convey much of what I wanted to up to this point. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate. Also I hope you are doing well with everything! (and that those stories you were working on are coming along well)
oh my dear sweet mars
he is in between planes right now