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Nutshel/Butshel/Nutshel Noir/Notshel/Mageman Adventure 7

Recent Comments

what the hell happened
Contemplating adding another picture of Richard Nixon to this comic.
Actually I changed my mind.
New Comic Soon Bubs
It's almost the end of my spring semester, and you know what that means. The next page is going to kill off the entire cast!
finn when the fuck did you change the genre to crime
Update: Five months later.
Still going to update.
no thanks
i'll update this in a year ok
Yes perfect
did you actually just garner my interest?
Am I actually invested in what's happening now?
"2/10 better than nutshel at least" -IGN
Hey look all of Psytrack died.
So what's new.
Well, besides an Avenger tree apparently.
The eyepatch is my favourite part.
RIP Zero he got curb stumped.
this is more of an autobiography than a comic. this all really happened to me.
Even though I am no better than a tree, do I not have the right to live?
It took me five years to realize this was a comic and now I want to know what's with Haru's ears.
i dont approve
I'm starting a subplot of Mageman's quest for justice. Hopefully this will explain the ending to Nutshel. But probably not.
I really just
This is a something.