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He wants to be the very best! That no one ever was... uh, no. Scratch that.

Adventures and friendship were never something that appealed to Atticus... Shame that it's a pokemon world he lives in, and so teenage boys living in Pallet Town are not expected to sit idly by. But the life of a hero is not one he's about to consider; too much hard work for little reward, and so instead he embarks on his quest not to become the greatest... But at least, the richest.

Although the biggest challenge may be ignoring the adventures and friendships which may attempt to ensnare him along the way...

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Comment on Chapter 11 Page 42
Rurina, 01 May 2016 01:52 pm
George looks pretty here. she's really enjoying herself XD

and Atty.. wow!! I had the feeling that he's not gonna take George seriously.. but I'm glad I was wrong.
Comment on Chapter 11 Page 42
SeriousJupiter (Guest), 01 May 2016 11:15 am
@GUeST: She probably will. Too bad for her that Gust is a Normal-type move in Gen I.
Comment on Chapter 11 Page 42
Guest, 01 May 2016 08:27 am
Damn, he's raising his hand forward as if he's about to summon a Blue-Eyes or something. He's really getting into to this battle.
Comment on Chapter 11 Page 42
GUeST (Guest), 01 May 2016 01:57 am
Comment on Chapter 11 Page 42
(Guest) (Guest), 30 Apr 2016 04:05 pm
Okay, now the universe is being downright cruel to Rat.
Comment on Chapter 11 Page 42
Literas (Guest), 30 Apr 2016 09:23 am
Whoop his ass, George! \o/ Or you know, at least make him work for the victory.
Comment on Chapter 11 Page 40
estrachan, 30 Apr 2016 02:34 am
I really hope George is gonna win. She has more expirience and maybe Atty become a little.. excited abut this?
Comment on Chapter 11 Page 42
Infernal_Translator (Guest), 30 Apr 2016 12:17 am
Of course Rat couldn't do it! Rat is not allowed to receive more than one act of positive reinforcement every two weeks in-universe. It'd run the risk of popping otherwise.
Comment on Chapter 11 Page 42
SeriousJupiter (Guest), 29 Apr 2016 11:20 pm
Pfft, like Venus cares about type disadvantages. She beat a Zubat with Absorb, a pitifully weak attack that is only 0.25X effective against a Poison/Flying-type. You're going down, George.

Also, of course Rat isn't around when Atty might have actually used him. Typical.
Comment on Chapter 11 Page 42
HaikenEdge, 29 Apr 2016 10:40 pm
@Tsumeken: George constantly changes her team up, which makes me think, rather than only having the first six Pokemon caught, she just doesn't sufficiently level any of them.


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