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He wants to be the very best! That no one ever was... uh, no. Scratch that.

Adventures and friendship were never something that appealed to Atticus... Shame that it's a pokemon world he lives in, and so teenage boys living in Pallet Town are not expected to sit idly by. But the life of a hero is not one he's about to consider; too much hard work for little reward, and so instead he embarks on his quest not to become the greatest... But at least, the richest.

Although the biggest challenge may be ignoring the adventures and friendships which may attempt to ensnare him along the way...

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Comment on Chapter 10 Page 84
Guest, 26 Nov 2015 08:03 am
That fish is SO going to evolve. Lately Atticus has JUST destroyed a career, he needs to do some serious damage again.
Comment on Chapter 10 Page 84
Professional Mole (Guest), 26 Nov 2015 06:44 am
Well, that is the right choice.

For certain definitions of "right".
Comment on Chapter 10 Page 84
Eevee (Guest), 26 Nov 2015 03:46 am
"Fish! Do some water-attack! You know... something splashy!"
Comment on Chapter 10 Page 84
Merrsharr, 26 Nov 2015 03:03 am
Go Fish! I have four of them!
Comment on Chapter 10 Page 84
Guest, 26 Nov 2015 02:39 am
Good call. Just needs to smash the little Charizard and evolve, then the rest of her fire types are toast.
Comment on Chapter 10 Page 84
Guest, 26 Nov 2015 01:59 am
The laughter first and the sinking of the ship immidiately afterwards.
Because Rat sinks it.
Comment on Chapter 10 Page 84
OtterFox42, 26 Nov 2015 12:45 am
*Waits for the inevitable eruption of laughter in the next page*
Comment on Chapter 10 Page 84
Noggin (Guest), 25 Nov 2015 11:50 pm
*puts on life-jacket and walks towards lifeboats* welp... nice knowing ya'll
Comment on Chapter 10 Page 84
Vinviro (Guest), 25 Nov 2015 11:26 pm
Called it. xD
Comment on Chapter 10 Page 84
Meta-Akira, 25 Nov 2015 11:19 pm
If he knows how this game works, he's just sending Fish out for the EXP.


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