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He wants to be the very best! That no one ever was... uh, no. Scratch that.

Adventures and friendship were never something that appealed to Atticus... Shame that it's a pokemon world he lives in, and so teenage boys living in Pallet Town are not expected to sit idly by. But the life of a hero is not one he's about to consider; too much hard work for little reward, and so instead he embarks on his quest not to become the greatest... But at least, the richest.

Although the biggest challenge may be ignoring the adventures and friendships which may attempt to ensnare him along the way...

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Comment on Chapter 8 Page 26
Doutonbori Robo, 01 Sep 2014 05:48 pm
@akan16: Wow, fast reader calm down enjoy the comic more. How rude can you be saying "need more". Obviously the goal is to have more, but have patience. Rude person.
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 26
Aslandus, 01 Sep 2014 04:59 pm
Wait, if she's been on this journey 4 years, does that mean she and Atticus are the same age?
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 26
Blank (Guest), 01 Sep 2014 03:00 pm
@Doutonbori Robo:

Doesn't Mew count for the NPD? Also, if I remember correctly, you get some TMs and Key items for getting to a certain increment in the NPD, in the red/blue/yellow version.
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 26
akan16, 01 Sep 2014 11:30 am
i caught up with this comic in 2 days it was so quick need more
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 26
Lord_Squiggles_IV (Guest), 01 Sep 2014 06:15 am
That must be by far the Happiest oddish in the world.

Nothing gets it down.
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 26
Doutonbori Robo, 01 Sep 2014 05:24 am

But wait. SQUIRTBOTTLE only exists in Johto. What does everyone else do? Snap it in the face with the OLD ROD? Put the bunny back in the ball?
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 26
Anon (Guest), 01 Sep 2014 04:07 am

Squirt bottle.
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 26
AFeralFurry (Guest), 01 Sep 2014 03:39 am
@RazorD9: Well, Team Plasma's recruiting...

@kurolothgarian: How exactly does one press B in the Pokemon World?

...That's actually a mildly interesting question. Just what does your trainer do? Give the evolving Pokemon a quick scare?
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 26
RazorD9, 01 Sep 2014 03:27 am
Didn't realize that "Gotta Catch 'em all!" really meant "Gotta wipe 'em all from the face of the earth." Sending children out there to cull a race of creature by using there own kind to do it adds a darker layer to the pokemon world.
Comment on Chapter 8 Page 26
Leafy (Guest), 01 Sep 2014 02:51 am
ROFLMAO! Never thought of catching pokemon in this fashion. I don't think I'll be able to think of it any other way now. XD

*playing pokemon platinum* Oh, I just obliterated another pokemon. Lucky for me it's only temporary. :D


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