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Welcome to .:Sandbox:., or just plain "Sandbox" for those of you who dislike the extra dots.

Enjoy your stay, because you're never leaving.

Until you do. We can't stop you from leaving or anything.


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...Is it a bad thing that I laughed at this?
Geez I know this is a really old comic buuuuut... WHY YOU NO APPEAR FOR ME, COMIC! WHYYYYYYYYYYY
I'm still laughing.
Shadow = To cool to become a girl.
Heck, this gag is old but funny.
@Snurple-the-Hedgehog: I meant where this came from, but I found it so :/
@Sapar: Don't know if that was a sarcastic question but...

just click on 'here' in Niv's comment.
@Shard: SaparXSyogrenXShard

S Shipping~
Where is this comic and when can I read it
why i like this version more than the original?
I said 'Guess the dialogue'

It would probably mean I would've left behind a canvas. >:c
Met should just never post empty pages of things

Like ever

The actual version is here.
@Shard: Laughing because I forgot me and Syogren have the same nickname
.........I LIKE TRAINS.
@EclipseTC: Seems like it. Wait til shard gets her hands on it
@EclipseTC: It looks like it.
I-Is that Stanley's tail?