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Crystalella's Crystal Cave

A comic for all spriters and well, anyone who's interested!
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10 Years Ago
A comic for all spriters and well, anyone who's interested!

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can i join please
The comic has both older Cassie and Lyssa. Please note that Lyssa's Sprites aren't fully completed yet.
-Flails Around-
Also, Imma get on MSN Nao :3!
next time save your comix in PNG
The final part of the 3 part series. Enjoy!!!! (Note to all authors, you can now post intros, comics etc.)
Like? I know the girls are always infront and keep having to wait for Sonic. I'm glad you liked.
This is the second part 2 of 3 in a series. This is where you discover the crystal cave along with Lyssa, Sonic and Cassie. ENJOY!!!!
Sonic is so Lazy!
Yea, I already have your sprites, so yea~
I'll put the sprites up and stuff
do you want my sprites
Sure!!! (Note to all authors... I'll tell you when you can start making comics as these comics are showing around the Crystal Cave. You can then make comics about anything!!!)
This comic is a part 1 of a series of comic's showing Cassie, Lyssa and Sonic's adventure down to the REAL Crystal Cave. Enjoy!!!(I don't know how many parts there will be until the trio get to the Crystal Cave, I let you know A.S.A.P!)
Imma just say this: I watched over her while she made these comics and I was giving her tips. Shes only a beginner to making these things, and yea, Its ok, cause you were kinds giving her tips :P
Oh, and for that other comment you made, She has whole sprite sheets, She just likes certain poses :P
the bottom of that page is unnessary... why is there the teal in this page for no reason? the blacklines around the page is not even, and the story line is kind of weak. I am sorry i just came to your comic and started complaining, but these are the problems that need to be fixed...
October 2nd, 2008
do you have 1 sprite per charicter? you should have a whole sheet and you should have people faceing eachother when talking... also, the tails on the word bubles dont connect to the buble and is hard to see. Its better to have a line than nothing, but try to make it easyer to see. The people make the charicters look very small in comparison. dont use people while makeing the place. and finaly, the last panel is realy cheesey... you are trying to make it look like water is all over the place but that is better not tryed if you are going to do it like that...
October 2nd, 2008
This is just the begining of an epic journey.(not really, just wanna make it sound dramatic.) ENJOY!!!!!!