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Mytica - Angel's Tears

by deonos
Adam was a normal guy until he left his hometown, now he has discovered an unreal city, full of magic, mythical creatures, mysticism and more!
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6 Years Ago
Adam was a normal guy until he left his hometown, now he has discovered an unreal city, full of magic, mythical creatures, mysticism and more!


Recent Comments

¡El thoght I esto estaba en inglés!
¿Por qué es cada uno discurso español? P.S. Estoy utilizando un programa del traductor.
¡El thoght I esto estaba en inglés!
¿Por qué es cada uno discurso español? P.S. Estoy utilizando un programa del traductor.
April 29th, 2013
Velan no le debe respeto a nadie.
April 25th, 2013
It's been a while, right? Sorry for my distractions, but I had an art-block together with many issues at home which didn't let me continue this.

So, Grevios stops the fight and wants everything to solve easily, however Velan seems to be unrespectful, and the fact of realizing he's a sage didn't impose any fear or respect on her :P

See ya!
February 5th, 2013
I gave them a permit. Whatcha gonna do hippie guy? Let the ruckus carry on!
February 5th, 2013
Just when the battle was heating up, Grevios arrives and stops the 'fun', still if weren't for him, they might have caused a big ruckus all over the place.

And now that Grevios is here, what will happen?
January 27th, 2013
Well, back to black and white, i think this will make me go faster on updates, hopefully, it will.

Well, the action still goes on, Velan makes a comeback and Joanne was pretty close to being hit.

Hope you like it so far, and as a little spoiler i can tell you that next page we will be seeing Grevios once again.
January 6th, 2013
¿Pero pa' qué se enoja? ¡Si apenas la despeinó! Dijeras tú le rompió un hueso...
January 1st, 2013
Getting back from holidays, how have you been? I hope you had good times.

Well, now you see why it's called Tornado Blast. While Artello seems very surprised about Joanne knowing such advanced spells and Adam has no idea of what it really means, however, one thing is for sure, Velan didn't like to be fooled and being inferior to Joanne, now she seems angry, what will she do?

See ya later!
December 7th, 2012
Imma let you finish BUT
Those were two full moons and no update. What's the deal?
Okay. Let me put it like this. A webcomic is like a puppy. Yes, a puppy. You don't really need one but you love to have one! It relieves stress, it's fun and entretains you. It makes you happy. And it's cute! (not sure if that last one applies to webcomics) And if you have a puppy you have to be responsible for it. Care for it. Give it the attention it needs. If it's sick take it to the vet. if it's hungry, feed it (yes, we're still talking about webcomics) and take it out for a walk. You know, be responsible! Same with the comic. Why create one if there won't be any progress? It becomes another ghost webcomic 'round here. Nobody likes that.
Yes, I know you may have a job and a life. We all do. And we still make time to "take care of our puppy" (this is coming from a person with two webcomics and eight dogs, oh, and a job). Of course, I make time to play videogames or do other stuff. A while ago I was playing Wii.

If one is not willing to take care of a puppy, there are only two choices here:
You either put it on adoption OR put it down. And that's sad.

Think it through. Give yourself some deadlines to help concentrate on this If you still want to keep it alive. You'll have to make a tough choice. VG's or comics. If you like both, make time for both activities.

Finished my ranting. Now onto the page.
lawl pokemans?
December 7th, 2012
mejor juega lol y deja el comic
first blood
December 7th, 2012
Sorry for not calling the 'hiatus' or something like that, work was kinda busy and somewhat irregular to adapt to, also, I became a Dungeon Master for some of my friends who wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons which kept my free occupied, and I've become kind-of addicted to play League of Legends with my friends.

So, I got distracted, and forgot to work on the comic, i'll be working again on it, that I even have the next page's lineart 90% done, which might help to finish the next page soon.

Now, about the page...

So, Joanne's magic attak was countered, and she was able to respond to it, good for her, and also, she seems to have an ace on her sleeve, she seems to be confident of something...
Also, we've got a new term here, you see, every summoner/magician has a certain affinity towards a natural element, in this case, Joanne and Velan both are Air-type. More of this will be explained fully as the comic goes on.

See ya later, guys!
August 30th, 2012
And as far as I know, Adam is the only common sense Joanne has. It's a Jiminy Cricket-Pinochio thing.

EDIT: Cuando dices activo y pasivo me imagino muuuuuuuchas cosas menos lo que debería ser.
August 29th, 2012
I'm such a mess, really, but at least there's a new page!

So, as I thought you suspected, Joanne isn't the type to keep arms closed and allow herself or anyone get bullied.

And boy, that escalated quickly, Joanne is the direct-assault type, right to the target, let's see how Velan respnds to this.


I'm glad you liked the page and the new characters.

@MayelV: Artello es bien cobarde, por eso se escuda con lo que puede.
Y que bueno que te gustó la hoja, son algo así como dices, bueno y malo, mas como 'activo' y 'pasivo'
BRILLIANT PAGE!!! Jesus, Ray and Velan are so cool!! (Especially Ray XD)

They both look so cool in the last panel though...!!! @ A @

Great job!!! :D

Te luciste con la página.
Velan es hermosa me encanta su cabello.
Ray parece que hoy anda muy conversador xD
¿Bully bueno y bully malo?
Yay, here's some color (one of the reason of this lateness) and introducing two more characters, this time Velan and Rayner known as Ray.

Yet, this characters aren't quite in good terms with our heroes, let's see how they react to this threat.

See ya!