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Maries Spriters Place

A comic for all sprites From sonic to wutever. Its the place to be ;)

Added more spots, cause we need to update fast.
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9 Years Ago

Accepting Author Applications

Good enough spriting and comics...

and someone who will update frequently...
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A comic for all sprites From sonic to wutever. Its the place to be ;)

Added more spots, cause we need to update fast.

Recent Comments

wrong one sorry
is me marc and marie is my friend
@ VAdePEGA: and YOUR COMMENT RIGHT THERE just motivated me to prove you wrong.

Got an idea for comic, all I need is Drew's sprites and i'll probably have it posted the day after I get em...or sometine during the week. iono

edit: nvm lost ma idea D:
revive never worked in comics, so, unless its pokemon there is no hope to make it popular again, ive seen a comic going dead the same way as here, not really the same but very similar
I have ma doubts, but we must try again. Only when we hit the 200 mark will I be satisfied. :)

If no-one else is gon update, then looks like we really gotta get their attention, with a really good comic.....or something iono

I'll probably update next week sometime, if no-one else updates. Hopefully, i'll have an idea by then.
We've tried to revive the comic earlier... that didnt work out well.

If people are willing to update here again, I'll update too.
no this.. this place is... still alive? :S i think
Cody got some fine aiming right there.
I actually only found out a few mins ago I had permissions.

Though this place may be dead, just thought I'd post it anyways.

Edit: Here's H2o's updated sprites, if ya need:
Damnit, I can't take it anymore!

I have to join. I'll send an app later though, because I need to work on sprites.
It didn't work <3~
He sucks when it comes to cocking

Safe to say Cody fails...
with all guns...
and everything else....
but we still love him ^^
March 21st, 2010
you know the wii is at the end >>
ok Sable Lobo... just apply an you will be accepted
woop woop! someone updated holy cheesies god! :P lol

welcome good sir
Not at all. In fact, i'm starting to get a few ideas.

Anyways just as long as we reach that 200 mark, i'm cool.
@ Drew... Something tells me you're gonna raise hell if you join the crew.

anyways i'll try update when I can(after all, we said we would hit the 200 mark).
heh funny x3
But Berry's right we need to revive this comic.
lmfao xD :P