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Yaoi Tales: The Little Merman
Ruining your favorite Disney stories & Generic fairy tales since October 2008.
Warnings: BL/Homosexuality.
KudaKitsune cannot be made responsible for any homophobic traumas regarding your childhood memories.

The Little Merman, a shonen-ai twist to the classic fairytale we've all watched via Disney.

Please note that the story is not exactly the same, and although it's called "Yaoi Tales", there's no buttsex in this comic.

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Comment on Not Dead, Not Discontinued.
Izu-chan (Guest), 17 Sep 2014 07:24 am
We're On Your Side
Well, I just read this all now and just now noticed that this letter is the most recent submission of yours. And I just have to say, don't give up now. We all believe in you ;u;

I was just browsing deviantART when I discovered a link to this comic. I clicked the link, and right from the first five pages I was captivated. I love fairytale makeovers like this, and you're just one of the few who I believe were successful in retelling the story as you did. It's disappointing that some of your so-called "followers" decided to accuse you like that--I know the situation all too well...A lot of other comic artists I'm following are being accused similarly, and it's all because they don't understand what the artist is going through.

Don't worry about those guys. Just remember the ones who *do* understand you, and just know we're all grateful for you putting so much effort and care into every page you draw for us <3 You have us as supporters, so keep striding through life knowing we're all here for you ;u; Good luck in concluding your enchanting version of this story.

(I'm sorry for writing such a long comment, sometimes I get carried away. But I just felt this was necessary, so yeeeeah, just know that you have another supporter who's got your back. Take care of yourself ^ ^)
Comment on POLL - Cinder Vs LRRH -
cbk313, 14 Sep 2014 01:57 am
Little Red!
Comment on Not Dead, Not Discontinued.
Catnip (Guest), 31 Aug 2014 08:44 pm
Morgana's ring
I'm confused about some details that I'm hoping you could explain, for example at first Ariel saw Eric's brother propose in the bakery and it looked like a tried the same with a doughnut but then later he asks for his mothers ring proving that humans and mermaids are at least the same in that regard by proposing with a ring so why was he confused?
Another question is how do the mermaids wear rings you draw them with webbed fingers?
The last question is after Ariel proposes at dinner why does no one question where he got the ring, he washed up on shore naked, he didn't have it with him and he had to money to buy it so where did it come from?
Important questions you should think about.
Comment on Not Dead, Not Discontinued.
Tasty Conclusion (Guest), 31 Aug 2014 06:56 pm
Keep Going
I love how your putting your own twist on Disney tales like that. I will wait until the end of time for you, but please try to hurry anyway before I die of anticipation.
Comment on Not Dead, Not Discontinued.
staticarcher, 29 Aug 2014 08:04 pm
Loved everpage.Plz keep going.
Comment on Not Dead, Not Discontinued.
AnonymousWaldo (Guest), 24 Aug 2014 03:20 am
I just started, and finished, reading this comic today. It's very good. Not amateur at all. I think it's quite strange when good artists think like that because you all have unique art styles :) Keep up the good work!
Comment on LittleMerman-012
AnonymousWaldo (Guest), 24 Aug 2014 01:06 am
Wow. I never realized how much Sebastian looks like Hidan from 'Naruto' in his Jashinist form XD
Comment on LittleMerman - 053
Ren (Guest), 22 Aug 2014 06:36 pm
Why am I comparing him to Axel?
Is it the grin? The hair? Too much fan fiction?
Comment on Not Dead, Not Discontinued.
Axaya (Guest), 22 Aug 2014 12:54 pm
I can't wait for your updates. This comic is great! Thank you for sharing it with us. Though I can't wait, I WILL be waiting. You're awesome!
Comment on Not Dead, Not Discontinued.
IWoody (Guest), 21 Aug 2014 10:32 pm
Don't Worry
Hello, i'm very sorry you got some horrible comments it's completely uncalled for, as an Illustration student I feel your pain in drawing and perfecting pages it takes me days for a single page and that's my full time occupation. XD I'm glad to hear you're keeping it up, but don't feel pressured or anything, it's your baby and your spare time and care that goes in to this so screw anybody that complains take as much time as you need. You'll probably pick up tons of new readers when you finish the rest anyway and i'll happily wait :)


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