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Yaoi Tales: The Little Merman
Ruining your favorite Disney stories & Generic fairy tales since October 2008.
Warnings: BL/Homosexuality.
KudaKitsune cannot be made responsible for any homophobic traumas regarding your childhood memories.

The Little Merman, a shonen-ai twist to the classic fairytale we've all watched via Disney.

Please note that the story is not exactly the same, and although it's called "Yaoi Tales", there's no buttsex in this comic.

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Comment on Not Dead, Not Discontinued.
ShyNeko17 (Guest), 23 May 2015 02:02 pm
I love this comic! It's so cute >.< keep on writing, you're really good!
Comment on Not Dead, Not Discontinued.
Heather (Guest), 09 May 2015 04:43 pm
I've stuck with your comic since 2009 when my best friend and I started reading it together. Whenever I think about it, I check back for updates. In the time since you started the comic, I've gone from middle school to college, and I understand how hard it is to find time for anything during the school year between work, studies and social interaction. Just know that I've been invested in it for this long and I seriously Can't. Wait. for the next update. Just be your lovely self; you'll always have at least one fan here, in my little corner of the world, excited to see what you come out with next!

Stay Beautiful, darling!
Comment on Not Dead, Not Discontinued.
teddy (Guest), 20 Apr 2015 03:40 am
disapointed, and a little mad
Awwh, I was hoping that when I check in again it would have at least another page up, but I understand and I dont wanna be demanding over something thats free (totaly awesome, but free) and "amateur quailty" my ass, unless you're trying to make this some grand graphic novel then this comic is pretty high quality, especially for the high page numbers. if it were stick figures that'd be one thing, heck I'd still read it. the story keeps me reading and the adorable art (<3Scuttle x Sebastian<3) sets the mood further into place. its just so, gah! dont call it amateur! >~< now im gonna forget about it for another year or so and rereread it start to finish. so finish it Dx I was see how the rest of it turns out ya jerk, gettin me hooked on your amazing project and then taking long hiatuses (now to check out the other stories again <3)
Comment on The Little Merman
teddy (Guest), 19 Apr 2015 11:54 pm
oh how much I love this comic, the story, the art work, the adorable parts :3 and then I stopped reading awhile back because I ran out of pages to read and I was sad that it stopped abruptly, but the I recently began watching Once Upon a Time and it made me remember and really wanna continue reading it because its so amazing! Text wall! besides only about 20% of the people who read this story will read this comment :3
Comment on Not Dead, Not Discontinued.
Serahtastic (Guest), 18 Apr 2015 07:00 pm
Where will you post it
Hi, thank you so much for not stopping doing this! I just found this comic today and I've read all you've put on here and I absolutely love it. You say you probably wouldn't post them on here, so if you could would you tell me where you plan on uploading the rest of it? Thank you so much:)
Comment on Not Dead, Not Discontinued.
SiberiaKitty (Guest), 13 Apr 2015 08:38 pm
Miss You
I miss this comic so much, do you know when you will have time to start it back up?
Comment on Not Dead, Not Discontinued.
AJ (Guest), 04 Apr 2015 12:50 am
Comment on Not Dead, Not Discontinued.
AwesomeGiraffe (Guest), 29 Mar 2015 01:25 am
Heart Attack
I was so shocked when I clicked next and was greeted with a message instead of story. I almost had a heart attack. But after reading through it I thought to myself, "here you find this amazing webcomic with kickass art and fantastic plot. let's stick with it" I may have just found your comic today but from here on out I'll be checking back cause I'm super excited to see how it'll end. Make sure to study hard. I wish you the best,
Comment on Not Dead, Not Discontinued.
mermaid613, 23 Mar 2015 02:54 am
love this so much ^u^ adorable as hell

&don't worry, take your time!
Comment on Filler -- Merry Crossdressing Holidays!
sakiq, 21 Mar 2015 02:50 am
they look sooooo pretty dressed like this!!!!!


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