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Unimagined Ramblings (Of An Urban Bear)

by Pocketwatchfiasco
The Random Topical Ideas That Leak From, Or Into, My Fez-Laden Head…

Updated Whenever I Get A Good Idea. (I aim for Tuesdays & Thursdays)
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8 Years Ago
The Random Topical Ideas That Leak From, Or Into, My Fez-Laden Head…

Updated Whenever I Get A Good Idea. (I aim for Tuesdays & Thursdays)

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It's back!
Sort of… If you didn't already I've started a new comic 'Unimagined Ramblings Mk. 2' over at my tumblr page. But given the added complexity of drawing such comics, the idea of doing a topical strip is rather out of the question for someone as bad at drawing as me.
So, this is where these things come back in: missing the old style, I elected to make these strips strictly from any topical jokes I come up with. It'll be sporadic and will occasionally just disappear. It depends entirely on my comprehension of the news and seeing if there's a joke in it…
Anywho, enough blather, on with the (sporadic) show!
September 10th, 2011
New Comics!
I'm restarting the comic... Sort of...

I've grown weary of the old polygonal regime and have decided to leap into the world of proper cartoon drawing... I'm still rubbish at it, but hey, whatchagonnado?

I shan't be posting the comics here, instead you can find them on my deviantART page here.

They'll be starting up 19/09/11 and updated Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

I doubt anyone who cared about this comic is still paying attention to this, but it's nice to make a token gesture.

Anywho, be seeing you!
Well There You Go...
I hope you enjoyed Phase 4. Nearly 100 comics, an introduction to hats, some degree-level mathematics and a fair amount of complaining.

I'll be back sometime in the summer for Phase 5.

In the meantime, I'm working on a comic with a somewhat interactive twist, with MrStuy called 'The Collins And Key Word', so feel free to look that up. It should be started up in a couple of weeks.

Toodle Pip all.

PS - In response to an earlier mention, I actually saved Pi day to be slightly more significant. Enjoy Pi day all!
Happy π00th Comic.
Wouldn't it have been cool if this had fallen 5 days later, on Pi Day?
Yes. Happy π00th comic.
Guess What...
People attach significance to all sorts of numbers. More often than not, it's jumping up to the next digit (which, if we were babylonian, with their base-60 system, would take for-bloody-ever), but the numbers 100 and 1000 have about as much significance as the numbers 56 or 784. And so I can say with confidence and all logicalness that it's not in the slightest bit significant that this is

MY π00th COMIC!

Or 314th if you prefer.
It's the Stetson; as I put it on I'm always straight down the pub ordering cocktails. Only once a week mind, and usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon... This comic worryingly accurate.
Does he have all his shots? You don't want him to get papyrus.
Oh, what a pleasant surprise. =]
I really should think up a name for that octopus...
Nice octopus..
Really this comic was just an excuse to mention the octopus. And if you feel you want to see it, in all it's papery cuteness - and, let's face it, you do - I have a link;
It's not actually grammatical, it's just a spelling mistake...

So Nerrrrr! =3
Just To Point Out...
There is a very slight grammatical mistake in frame three... =P
Otherwise; I enjoyed!
Now I'm at Uni, we rarely use a cross for multiplication (except for cartesian products) and instead use dot notation. So I'm slowly slipping back into the regular x... Is it odd to have sympathy for a letter because I'm not using it so much any more?

Oh, incidentally, hello Intyalle, you gave me a bit of a shock waking up to 36 comment emails from Smack Jeeves. Anywhoodle, welcome to the show!
I'm on 39 now...

Still haven't got a girlfriend though...
I like moths...
They're the understated cousins of the butterfly (probably not biologically, but in my mind).
A bit like Julian Lloyd-Webber...