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Save the princess? Quest for magical artifacts? It pays the bills. Join Alex Normalday and his friend Billy Bomb as they venture the kingdom of Manduria and beyond as average Joes holding down a Heroes' job.

Updates ASAP!


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OMG, another update! And it's great!
Lord Enigma
May 1st, 2013
Oh. Wow. This is a surprise.
Martin Prower
April 28th, 2013
Not an update I expected to see today! Great to see it back!
Captain Ghost
April 28th, 2013
D-do mine eyes deceive me? O.O
Looking at this strip several months later, it took a full ten minutes to remember why I thought this gag was funny. Then it dawned on me, red bull gives you wings. Ha. Sometimes I really wonder if I'm reaching just a little too far for a joke. . .
too RL!
Mandu! Tigra sent me your way, you can kill her later...
Luv your work!, you make mine look srs!
ok, it is nm! And all this time I thought you were just a genius at heals... brother, I gotta get out more! Luv ya sweetie, *waves lil gnomish paws*
good job on all of your comics you actually inspired me to draw i want to make a website like it thanks and good job on it.
Maybe you should employ Twuma-tron, Steama-tron, or another ...uh-tron for a job or two. From the old days brother. You still haven't brought in the true clease either. Remember in the Old Mandurian tongue, a clease is a Master Thief (Meh Burglar)

You're leaving Alaska? Good luck to new adventures in new places though :D
hehe you know this situation reminds of a new comic recently published in the UK, its so funny, about a guy who's unemployed, so as part of his jobseekers allowance/course he has to go down into a little dungeon at the back of the building and slay monsters XD
You drew this on 11 August 2001? You sure are talented!
And so the days continue to wind down to the first of September. As the magical day approaches, I become more and more anxious to leave Alaska. Now don't get me wrong! Alaska is beautiful and the winter isn't that bad if you dress for it. It's just that I long for the accessibility to the rest of the Union.

Although it was a little fun to try to figure out a way to upload mobile comics, I really don't like it and will only use it in dire comic making situations.

At anyrate, thank you for takin' the time to read my comics and stay tuned for more hijinks from Alex Normalday!
I love Alex's business attire!
*Chuckle* That is quite funny.
oh no. This was supposed to be released on the 5th. I guess that's what I get for paying attention. :P
Was the caliber of jokes ever low? I've always found it pretty funny! Good luck moving :)
Going to continue with one and two panel strips while we're moving. I'll try harder to step up the caliber of jokes as well. I couldn't help this one.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!
That last panel is classic.
I love Kingsley's look of surprise.
I wonder how long this will last.
Glad to see your back drawing WOW must have gottne boring...again? Give me an email you bum ya