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The serpent is cold - detached from the world and everyone in it, striking without compassion or care at the whim of profit. In fact, there is only one thing she ever wanted, and someone just offered it up for doing what she does naturally - kill a man she knows nothing about. A Black Science Fiction story.

-- end dramatic summary --

This comic is rated web 14+ for discussion of subjects that would make your grandmother cover your ears, and language inappropriate for children in public.

Recent Comments

You're back!
Good to see =D

Your art is consistently getting better and more detailed, and the story is starting to dig little hooks of interest... excellent.
Need more updates <3
First, you introduce the ball, then set it rolling, and now it is happily pickig up speed. Wicked, keep it up! =D
October 15th, 2009
love the layout and artXD
black and white right now while I get back on track!!!
She looks very grumpy in that dress, haha. It looks good on her though. Are we gonna get to see her in it in the comic?
Comics return next week - sorry for the unschedualed break!
I guess discussion is not on the menu.
auspicus comic
... if you're a geek that is. Horry for 42!
She should definitely be worried.
Mary should be worried I guess
I like how she looks on this page.
That guy selling the paper is very eloquent. xD
Thanks guys ^_^
WOW! This is gorgeous! It must've taken a lot of patience to do it so well, unless you're a naturally patient person. All the buildings look great. I love how the sun looks and its effect on that building. Interesting where the shadow of the really tall building is pointing, some kind of symbol right? Or she just wants to sit in the shade kinda. Either way, its a fantastic update.
... This was much to ambitious for my own good, but I've been planning for this page since the begining. Here are pages 38 and 39 ^_^. A high contrast version of this page is available in the new 'Extras' section of the site.
(p.s., way to go HANDS!)
This has to be my favourite page thus far. (I know I'm commenting sporatically, but each time I read your comic, I'm always compelled to re-read the full thing through.)
Valencia....nice choice in name. ;)
oh, wow! this is a really awesome page! I love the dark atmosphere it gives off and especially how the drawing at the bottom is so sketch like.
either she missed or the dude is superpowerful, uber awesome, demigod dude!
but yeah. Nice page as usual. ^ ^